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Bread's POV

The loaf of bread sat in the kitchen, waiting to be sliced and put in the toaster. He looked around the room wondering what kind of person lived in this house. It was a small hovel in the middle of a swamp. The smell would be unbearable for most, but this particular loaf of bread likes the smell of onions and rotting liver.

Suddenly the door was slammed open and the loaf of bread heard a loud shout.
"What are you doin' in my swamp!"
The loaf of bread was curious, who could have such a beautiful voice? Was this the owner of this home? Would he eat the loaf of bread? Would he slice him up and put him in he burning toaster?

The loaf of bread was excited to see what this mysterious creature would do to him. All of a sudden the creature walked into the room and the loaf of bread finally saw the face of

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