chapter nine

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before i knew it and stopped to think, we had spent the whole night together and it was now around midday. we watched movies, had a food fight, made fun of each other, and just talked.

"what are you doing?" called out ethen from in the kitchen as i dragged my mattress over to the stairs and started laughing and what i was about to do. "nothing!" i replied before i jumped onto it and down the stairs i went until i got to the end and with a thud the mattress crashed into the wall and i rolled off onto the cold tiles laughing my head off as ethen rushed over to see what the loud noise was.

"stupid" he commented as he helped me onto my feet and instantly my laughing vanished as my favourite song came onto the radio. "oh my god. its ed sheeran !!" i screamed as i rushed over to the radio and turned the volume up as i see fire was playing. as i turned around, ethen was standing centre metres away from me with that sexy grin of his.

"shall we?" he asked with a raised eyebrow and he grabbed my hands and gently placed them around his neck before placing his own around my weist before i could even reply.

right then my heart skipped a beat inside my chest and i was drawn into his compelling eyes. they seemed to captivate me and i was unable to break contact, it was as if the rest of the world had faded into a dull and boring place and then there were his eyes in which were the most beautiful thing god had created...

we slowly swayed from side to side as i laid my head onto his firm chest and relaxed my muscles as he rested his chin on the top of my head. this was nice, not having to worry about anytrhing and just relaxing for a change...

the song came to an end and i had to admit that i didnt want to move from the position we were in, but luckily his phone began to ring and he was the first to pull away.

as he went over to the corner of the room i ran my  fingers though my hair and calmed myself down by getting myself a glass of water. with a sigh i began to take a slow sip from the glass and looked up out of the window to see ben standing there with an angered expression on his face and he was storming towards me.

i spat out the water that was in my mouth as the glass cup slipped from my grip, sending shards of glass all over the floor and i fell to the ground, backing away from the window until i was backed up onto a wall with my back tightly pushed up against it.

"rose?" said ethen as he rushed to my side and gripped my shoulders. "whats wrong?" he added as he took a look around and i saw that there was no door being broken down or ben roaring out curses as he stormed towards me, it was silent apart from my deep breathing.

"im sorry... i.. i just thought i saw someone. thats all" i replied with a stutter as i slowly stood up with his help and looked out the window to see him nowhere in sight.

he gave me a worried look as he stared into my eyes as if he was expecting them to give him an answer to something.

i jumped at the sound of my mobile ringing in my pocket in which broke our eye contact.


"hello my darling. miss me?, haha why would i ask such a thing of course you have. you are afterall going to marry me and we'll go live in the mountains, alone at last." said ben with an evil tone at the end.

"how did you get my number!?" was all i managed to squeak out as my eyes went wide and my whole body began to tremble.

 "why?, shouldnt i have it?" he asked sarcastically with a chuckle on the end.


"naww, my bad. ill see you later my love".

"rose!" ethens voice grew louder and i came in to focus and realised tha he was shaking me. 

i slowly looked up into hs eyes and he seemed angered. right then i could say a word as sobs escaped from my lips and tears ran down my face. how could i have forgotten about ben?. my life will never be normal, ill never be able to escape the fate. he will always find me, be one step ahead of me... and all ive done is dragged ethen into this. wait, he can still escape. he doesnt need to be a part of this!. i have to admit i dont want to let him go, ive grown closer to him. but if it means that no one else has to go through what i am than i can do it. i just need to tell him to go..

before i even realised it i was embraced in ethens arm and he was lightly brushing his hand up and down my back murmering comforting words into my ear. this was what i wanted my life to be like, but who am i kidding? its just a pathetic dream...

"you need to leave ethen. you cant see me again. i.. i dont want to see you"

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