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I woke up the next morning, curled up next to Aaron. My head was on his shoulders and my hand was splayed on his chest. I could feel his heart beating under my palm and I smiled knowing he was still asleep.

I moved my head to look up at him, his hairs was a total mess and he looked ridiculously cute sleeping like that.

Shifting, not much to disturb his sleep, I kissed the corner of his lips. Last night, when I told him about dad's reason for not attending our wedding, he got really furious. I had expected, he'd be angry but yesterday, he wasn't just angry, there was some kind of hatred. I wonder what dad did with him to make him hate so much.

Taking a last look at his handsome face, I gently moved out of his arms. I was about to walk out of the bed when an arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me back.

"Stay" Aaron whispered in my ears, hugging, my naked body, from behind.

"It's morning already" I chuckled as he kissed my shoulders.

"What time is it?" He asked in his sleepy voice. I reached for my phone, kept on the bedside table and checked the time.

"7:20" I replied.

"It's too early. Go back to sleep" he said, hugging me more tightly. I giggled and tried to move out of his arms but all my efforts were futile.

"What about breakfast?" I questioned.

He loosened his hold on me all of a sudden and turned me so that now I was facing him. "Are you hungry?" He asked with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"No" I said, hitting him on his shoulders. He chuckled and moved his face closer, pecking my nose.

"Then go back to sleep or I have other interesting ways to make you stay" he said and lied on the bed next to me, drawing me closer to him. Not having any other option, I closed my eyes and slept. Again.


"Are you sure, nothing will happen to us?" I asked sitting on the bow rider while Aaron and the snorkeling guide checked the snorkels and other equipments.

We were supposed to be here early but then, because of Aaron's 'go back to sleep' we got late. Now I'm sitting here under the blazing sun just waiting to pass out because of dehydration.

"Don't you trust me?" Aaron asked sincerely. I nodded my head and sighed.

The snorkeling guide, sitting along with us looked at the both of us and smiled, poor man will have sit on this boat until we come back. Just because Aaron thinks he is too good at snorkeling and doesn't need a guide, we will be going alone under the water.

Okay, I know I trust him a lot but why should we risk our lives!

He put on his wetsuit and then helped me with mine. The guide adjusted the swimfins and the diving mask on my face. Aaron had already made me practise how to breathe through the snorkel and I just wish I'm able to do it properly under water.

Aaron finally got up from his seat and gave me his hand, helping me to stand, he placed the snorkel in his mouth then helped me with the same. He waited for me for confirmation before holding my hand and diving in.

As soon as we got inside the water, panic struck me but Aaron held my hand and gestured me to breathe through the snorkel. I did it and relaxed after some time.

I looked around the turquoise water and my fear was soon replaced by excitement. The world under the water is, no doubt, more wonderful than the world we live in.

Aaron and I, swam towards a coral reef and explored the place. There were so many beautiful things and paced to see, the school of fishes, the ship wrecks, the plants, slugs and so much more. It was a place worth watching.

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