Quaternion: "I Knew a Girl with Winter in her Eyes"

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  • Dedicated to Hannah Michelle Whitman

I knew a girl with Winter in her heart and in her eyes;

her gaze was made of flypaper.

And when she wept she wrapped her brow in blue,

and sang a hollow tune,

as words that you can hear, but cannot feel.

I knew a girl with Summer on her hair and in her step;

her feet were made of foolishness.

And when she walked she stepped on every crack,

and broke her mother's heart,

as a love that you can taste, but cannot touch.

I knew a girl with Autumn in her lungs and on her breath;

her mouth was made of drought.

And when she spoke an empty sound came out,

and shuddered all around,

as a draft that you can feel, but cannot hear.

I knew a girl with Springtime on her face and in her fingers;

her hands were made of hungriness.

And when she reached she cursed her Midas touch,

but clung, desperate, to its oath

as a feast that you can touch, but cannot taste.

I knew a girl with Time stuck in her head and in her wishes;

her thoughts were made of castles.

And when tide came it swallowed every grain,

and she dissolved to nothing,

as a child who always knows, but never understands.

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