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"Ms. Luthor... you wanted to see me?" I ask, reaching out to give her a handshake.

"I'm glad you came by," she says politely accepting my hand, "I wanted to thank you, Kara... personally."

I felt fairly confused. There was nothing I remembered doing worthy of a thank you. My eyebrows furrowed and my head tilted to one side. "Thank you?... For what exactly?"

Suddenly she began walking closer to me and I could feel my palms develop beads of sweat. Her eyes pierced seductively at mine and then to my lips.

Soon, hers were but a centimeter away from my mouth. I was nervous; more nervous then ever, but could not bring myself to move away.

"You saved me Kara." She whispered.

"S--saved you... but uh when was--"

"Shh... I know." She grinned confidently.

"Kn-- know??... wha-- I've never--"

"You're her," she whispers into my ear, "You're Supergirl..."

"Me?? No n-- I... how did... what makes you... think that?" I ask desperately clutching my notebook closer.

"Everything Kara... it's so easy. I've always known... it's been you."

Lena's rosy red lips and breathtaking eyes were a gift. And not any single piece of me could understand why she was choosing to lean in to kiss-- me.

It was only a second until we were close enough to, but before we could I softly and slowly pushed her away. "I can't." I say.

"Why not?"

"I don't know." I answered.


As I opened my eyes I felt the heaviness of my head and an unbearable pain coming from my back. Little by little my vision was restored from blurry to slightly less. The more I could see, the louder I could hear a lady speaking to me.

She was right next to me shaking and asking me questions like "Can you hear me?" or "Are you ok?".

"Kara? Kara! Kara are you alright??" She asked.

I could not for the life of me figure out who she was, although I tried hard to strike some familiarity from her.

"Wha— where am I?" I ask.

"It's okay," she reassured, "... you're awake. You've just been hurt, but we'll get you to safety."

A man standing a bit farther away from us spoke up. "Is she okay?"

Suddenly, I felt the heaviness in my head come back and I began to close my eyes again.

"Woah woah! Help her out!" The man yelled.

The woman yelled back at him, "Stay out of it Mon-el!"

"Wh— who's Mon-el?" I murmured, "Who are you?"

The woman looked just as confused as me and grabbed my hand, "You don't know who I am, Kara?... It's me, Alex."

She smiled and teared up at once, all I felt was guilt for the woman.

After the guilt washed through me the sharp pain in my upper back came twice as powerful.

I winced and groaned when another lady ran up to me as the other woman walked farther away crying.

She looked at Alex and began to tear up too then brought her attention back to me.

She held my head with her hands and spoke in a worried, but comforting tone. "Supergirl? Supergirl? Hey... it's me— it's... it's okay... you'll you'll be alright."

This woman had longer hair than Alex, it was darker as well. She had creamy white skin and eyes like emerald green. I couldn't figure out why I recognized her.

"You saved me," she smiled "...again."

I smiled back at her, then it hit me.

She's the girl from my dream

"I— I'm here for you."



Sorry this chapter is so short, but I just wanted to introduce the memory loss issue little by little. Hope you enjoyed though! There will be longer and more chapters to come :) 

Stay to find out why Kara only remembers Lena! Is it because of the dream?... Or something more? AND to read why/how Kara lost her memory in the first place.

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