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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 6

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                “Rue?” Ivey asked in disbelief. “As in, Rue who was in the Hunger Games with Katniss?”

                “The very same. She’s our aunt, well, she would be.” Flora explained.

                “Wow. Flora just like Rue’s your aunt, Katniss is ours.” I explained. “It’s an honor to work with the niece of Rue.”

                Flora’s and Rani’s eyes lit up, they were as green as ever. “And it’s a pleasure to fight with nieces of such honorable people.”

                “We won’t let you down, I swear.”

                No one mentioned that if we survived, we would have to kill each other. I hope someone else gets to them before Ivey and I do.

                “What are you two best at?” I whispered.

                “Spear throwing, and hand to hand combat.” Rani said.

                Rani was very pretty, as was Flora. I remembered that during the parade Rani had been wearing a dress that looked like it was made of cherry blossom petals, and her head dress was beautiful cherry blossoms. Flora had been wearing a dress/pantsuit that looked like an elegant vine wrapped around her body.

                We stuck together during training. Traveling from station to station every day, and  discussing strategy. The boys district 11 agreed to the alliance. Their names were Raymond, and Lyle. They were tall, muscular built boys. It’s a good thing they are our allies.

                On the last day before private sessions we all planned our strategy. It would’ve worked, but we had no idea what the terrain was going to be, so we were kind of helpless.

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