Proximalympics Challenge

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Greetings SFers! This challenge is now closed. Please feel free, however, to use the prompt below to write a story if you wish!  

Thank you to all of those who entered!

Are you SFers ready for another challenge? Well, we certainly hope the answer is an unequivocal yes!

Whilst our judges are doing their thing and whittling down all of your fantastic - and there really were some fantastic, stand-out entries to our Lost World/Time Travel contest to a final ten before the next round of judging, we thought to ourselves selves, why not give the SFers what they really want?

And we know that what y'all really want is the chance to write some more awesome Science Fiction. I mean, hands up who doesn't want that!

So with that in mind, welcome to the Proximalympics Challenge!



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The Ruling Bodies of Proxima b, our closest intergalactic neighbours, challenge the governments of Earth to a series of sporting challenges not dissimilar to the Olympics.

Earth-based radicals do not appreciate the event, however.

Your task is to tell the story of a terrorist plot foiled by a counter-terrorism operative of your creation.

For which organisation does your operative work? An already established one? A top secret group that may or may not officially exist? One entirely of your devising?

What kind of sporting challenges does the Proximalympics feature? Would they be sports we know and with which we are familiar, would they be sports more suited to the inhabitants of Proxima b, or would it be a little bit of mix and match?

Those are just some of the questions you might want to think about whilst writing your entry.

Do your thing, SFers, and give us some awesome Sci-Fi. Tell your story in a maximum of 2000 words and make sure you post the link in the comments as well as submitting on the form below.

This one will be judged so make it as excellent a story as we know you can!

Don't forget to read and support your fellow authors! Spread the Wattpad Scifi love!

Your story must be suitable for everyone (not mature) and a new story, not one you have previously written. It can be a new part of an existing collection.

Please use this submission form to submit your entry.  

Only submissions written in English will be judged as we do not currently have other language capabilities.

The closing date for this challenge is Friday, April 28th, 2017.  

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