You were resting your eyes in Ashton's lap, but he thought you were sleeping. Ashton started stroking your hair gently and you could feel him looking down at you in awe.
      "You really like her, don't you?" Michael asked. Ashton nodded his head.
      "I do like her, I think I might even love her." He whispered.
      "Then why don't you tell her that?" Ashton sighed.
      "It's not that easy. I don't want to ruin the friendship that her and I have. We're good friends, I'm sure that I'm friend zoned anyways." You sit up and look at Ashton with shock.
      "You really mean that? Ash, I thought you friend zoned me." Michael and Ashton snapped their heads towards you.
      "Uh, (Y/N), I thought you were sleeping....." Ashton replied awkwardly. His eyes looked like they were going to bug out any second. Michael's eyes shifted from you, to Ashton, and back to you.
      "Uh, I'm going to leave you two alone." Michael said before leaving the room. You looked back at Ashton, who was biting his lip and looking at the ground.
      "Ash, babe, why didn't you tell me you liked me?" You asked softly. Ashton sighed. He leaned back into the couch and ran his hand through his hair. 
      "Just like I told Michael, I thought you friend zoned me." You shook your head.
      "No, I didn't........ because I love you too." You whispered. Ashton's eyes shifted from the ground to you, his eyes filled with shock.
      "You what?" He asked. You nodded your head before you leaned in and kissed him. Ashton sat there for a moment, before realizing what was going on. Then he wrapped his arms around you, pulled you closer, and kissed you back passionately.

      "Michael, truth or dare?" Luke asked. Michael raised an eyebrow.
      "Well I don't trust you guys when it comes to dare, especially since (Y/N) is here. So I'll go with truth." Michael looked at you, causing you to laugh. Luke, Ashton, and Calum both were discussing a good truth for Michael to do. Luke pulled away with an evil smirk and rubbed his hands together, causing Michael to gulp.
      "Oh Mikey....... I dare you to tell (Y/N) how you really feel about her." Luke said with a wink.
      "Luke, that's a dare....." Michael protested. Luke shrugged.
      "But you have to be honest to (Y/N) about it." Calum said.
      "So that's where the truth part comes in." Ashton added with a laugh. Michael looked up at the ceiling and groaned before his eyes met yours. He sighed and spilt how he felt, the truth.
      "(Y/N), truth is that I like you more than a friend. I just- I don't know. I tried making myself un-attracted to you, but that doesn't work. I didn't ever want to tell you how I felt about you beca-" Before Michael could go on, you pressed your finger against his lips.
      "Shut up pretty boy and kiss me." You whispered to him. Michael's eyes widened.
      "What?" He asked with shock. Without saying another word, you grabbed onto Michael's shirt and pull him towards you before you kiss him. The both of your guys' eyes were opened before you both closed your eyes. The boys cheered and hooted.
      "See Michael, I told you that truth or dare was fun." Ashton said with a laugh. Michael muttered against your lips, 
      "Quiet Ash, don't ruin the moment." Causing you to giggle.

      You and Luke were hanging out for the first time in a long time. Him and the boys had recently gotten back from supporting the Take Me Home tour and Luke wanted to take you out. The two of you have been the best of friends for as long as you could remember, but you also had a little crush on him. As the two of you were hanging out, you noticed that Luke was acting different. He was opening the door for you. When the two of you went out to eat Chinese he noticed your drink was empty and he asked for a refill for you. He started passing notes to you. Above that all, he insisted that the two of you went up onstage and sang a duet together. It was about 11 o'clock at night when the fun was over and Luke walked you home. Luke walked you all the way up to the doorstep and the two of you just stood there, looking at each other. You bit your lip and looked up at Luke.
      "Well, it was a fun night." You admitted. Luke smiled down at you. 
      "Yea, it was. We still going to hang out tomorrow?" He asked. You nodded your head,
      "Defiantly." You replied with a smile. Luke smiled back slightly and sighed.
      "I guess I should be heading home, goodnight." Your smile faded away when Luke turned around.    
      "Luke," You said with a sigh, before you reached out for his hand and spun him around. Luke looked down at you, his eyes filled with question. You stepped between his legs and wrapped your arms around his neck. Luke had a shocked expression on his face, before he realized what you were going to do. Luke smirked and leaned down, planting his soft lips on yours.

**Note: I don't know if Calum got his wisdom teeth taken out of not, but I know Ashton did. Please don't judge me, I'm still new to the fandom.)
      Calum had gotten his wisdom teeth pulled a couple of hours ago and he was still high. Since the boys were out working on their vocals for the upcoming album, you had to babysit Calum today. You were Ashton's little sister and you haven't seen the boys for a while, so your mom and dad flew you out to visit them in LA. You were sitting on the couch, in the hotel room, and Calum had his head laying down in your lap. 
      "It hurts." Calum whined. He lifted his head off your lap and threw it back.
      "Owies." He cried when the bag of ice, on his face, smacked him in the eye. You hushed the poor child and stroked his hair.
      "I know baby." You cooed, "But you have to keep the ice on your face, it'll help you." Although you and Calum weren't dating, for some reason you called him baby. Calum whined again. 
      "But I don't wanna have it on my face, it's cold!" He fought. The gauze in his mouth made him have a major lisp, which was hilarious. You couldn't help but laugh at him. "What's so funny..... Lucas?" He asked. You giggled and shook your head.
      "Nothing Cal." You responded.
      "Luke, can I tell you a secret?" You bit your lip, to prevent yourself from saying anything, and you played along.
      "Sure Calum, what it is?" You asked. Calum sat up and looked around, then waved you towards him. You smirked and leaned in, he pressed his lips against your ear.
      "I think (Y/N) is hot. I think I'm going to ask her out when she gets back from Greenland." He whispered. You raised an eyebrow when you pulled away and a smile arose on your face.
      "I think you should do it, she'd really like that." You replied. Calum giggled. His head crashed in your lap and he was out.

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