Author's Note: The places in this chapter are not actual places!!!! So don't go all the way to London expecting that you can find any of the amazing-sounding places that I mention in this chapter. If you don't read this author's note, it's your loss if you go all the way to London based off of whatever I say in this chapter. If you ask about a hill-mountain just outside of London, I guarantee you that it doesn't exist. Love you all!!!!

P.S. This chapter was originally called "Forever and Always" when I published it, but then I realized that it worked more for the next chapter, but this chapter is exactly the same, I promise!!!

XOXO, Hannah

Clara's P.O.V

"Wake up, birthday girl," Harry shakes me awake. I groan and open my eyes. "Hey, baby. Happy Birthday."

What? It's October 21st already? Wow, time flies...Harry plants a kiss on my lips and I hum my approval.

"Thanks, baby," I smile and give him another peck on the lips. Wow, best birthday ever.

"Come on, I made breakfast for you downstairs," Harry tells me. I stand and let my boyfriend lead me downstairs to the kitchen.

"You did this for me?" I ask. Holy shit. He's put all my favorite breakfast foods on the counter. Bagels, lox, biscuits, even his homemade pancakes.

"Yep," he puffs out his chest proudly.

"Thank you," I whisper.

"Thank you," Harry laughs at our new inside joke. We sit at the table and dig in.

"What are we going to do with all the extras?" I ask Harry as we stare at the remaining food.

"I guess we could give it to everyone else and keep a little for ourselves for another day," Harry suggests.

"Okay," I agree with my boyfriend is it already 11:30? Wow.

"Oh, that reminds me!" Harry shouts when a thought pops into his head. "Tyler wanted to see you today, and so did everyone else."

"Okay..." I sigh. I sort of wanted this to be a me and Harry day.

"But we can see them later or something," Harry tells me. "I wanted to take you somewhere special today. I hope you're up for a small climb."

"How long?" I ask.

"About three miles to the spot and three miles back. It'll take an two hours, babe," Harry promises. "And the drive is only a half-hour there and another half-hour back."

"Okay," I smile. "Let's go, then."

Half an hour later, we arrive at the base of a hill, I guess? Mountain? I never know the difference. All I know is that it's a good thing I wore warm clothes and good sneakers. It's cold and we're going on a relatively long walk. Okay, I'm ready. Harry squeezes my hand and we start to walk.

"So what else do we have planned today?" I ask.

"Let's just focus on what we're doing right now, okay?" Harry suggests.

"Okay. So how do you know about this place?" I ask Harry.

"I used to come up here a lot after my parents got divorced. I sang a lot up here 'cause no one could hear me," Harry says. I love how open he is with me.

"You're lucky you have a place like this. After my mom got sick, I spent my time at our apartment and at Jace's," I try to be open with him, too. A grin splits his face but then disappears when he understands that it's not a happy topic.

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