Chapter One

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-Lisa's POV-


"I'm gonna miss you," Kendall says, his hand on my cheek.

"I'm gonna miss you too," I reply, and he pulls me into his chest. I close my eyes, holding back the tears. He pulls out and holds me by my elbows.

"Don't forget about me." He winks, a closed smile on his face.

"Only if you don't forget about me," I joke, a smile spreading across my face.

"I could never forget about you, Lisa," Kendall says, becoming completely serious. My smile falls and I become serious, too.

"I could never forget you either."

"Flight 109 to Tennessee now boarding, flight 109 to Tennessee now boarding," a lady says over the speakers, and I look up at the ceiling. Sighing, I look back at Kendall. He has tears in his eyes, and he looks like he could just break down in any minute. A tear manages to escape my eye, and I quickly wipe it away.

"I gotta go," I say to him, and he licks his lips as a tear slides down his cheek.

"I know," he replies, his voice full of hurt and sadness. I wrap my arms around his waist, taking in his scent one last time. I squint my eyes, and a tear falls out as I pull back. "I love you, Lisa."

"I love you too, Kendall," I say, and he kisses my lips long and hard, like it's the last time he's going to in a long time... Which we both know it is. We pull out and I grab my suitcase. I give a small smile to Logan, Carlos, James, and Katie (I've already said my goodbye's to them), and turn the other way, following my mom.

I hand the lady my ticket, and turn to look back at everyone. They all give me a sad wave, and I wave back as I see Kendall wipe his cheeks. It brakes my heart, but I manage to follow my mother through the terminal.

Once we board the plane, I look out of the window and at the airport. I can see Kendall looking out of the window there, his hand on the glass. Tears fill my eyes as I touch the airplane window.

See you later, Kendall...


Kendall. That's a name Lisa hasn't said in a while. It's one she thinks about all the time, but hasn't spoken it in years.

It's been five years since Lisa Johnson and Kendall Knight have seen each other. They've chatted a few times for the first year, but then it slowly died down. Of course, they think about each other all the time, but it's not their fault that they lost each other's phone numbers.

Five years ago, Kendall and Lisa were the happiest couple ever, and they loved life. But now, all they want to do is just scream at the top of their lungs. Kendall's life hasn't been the same without Lisa in it, and Lisa's hasn't been the same without Kendall in it.

Lisa is now eighteen, and has moved out of her mother's house. She now lives with her new best friend, Laura Williams, in their own apartment. Lisa still hasn't forgotten about her old best friend, Katie Knight, but when her and Laura met, they just clicked like her and Kendall's little sister did.

Of course Lisa misses her famous life in LA, but she's learned to re-love her old life in Tennessee. Things used to be a lot different when she lived in California, but it's so much simple living in her home town. Every once in a while, she'll get stopped by a few old fans of hers, which brings a smile to a face, but a frown on the inside; Since she dated Kendall when she was famous.

Lisa never bothered to buy tickets to see Big Time Rush in concert after a year of her back in Tennessee, since her and Kendall never talked anymore. But deep down, she wanted to go. She just wanted to go and jump into his arms like old times, and talk to Katie.

But that's all over now. Who knows when she'll even talk to Kendall again, let alone see him. Besides, Kendall's probably moved on by now. He should be, since he could date any girl in the world.

But Lisa just can't move on; It's hard to forget your first love. You'll be thinking about them for the rest of your life.


Okay, there's the first chapter! :)

I know it's short, but it's just kinda filling you in on how Lisa is now. (:

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