🔱 Chapter 9 🔱

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They had ridden for hours on end, never once stopping, afraid that somehow if they did stop Bartholomew and his companions would catch up to them. Nevertheless, the horses began to tire, except for Ashkelon that is.

"Do you think we're far enough away from them now?" asked Prince Sylvan to Abidah over the wind quickly passing by.

Barely hearing all the words the prince was saying Abidah slowly drew Ashkelon to a stop, a coat of perspiration lining her forehead. Her breathing came out in harsh pants, her chest rising rapidly with each breath she released from her lungs. The others quickly came to a stop behind her in the middle of the road.

"We can't stay here, we need to find somewhere we can lay low for a while and wait until the Prince has recovered and for the bodyguards show up." Said Abidah as her breathing slowly went back to normal. "Hopefully, they've disposed of Bartholomew and his men and we won't have to wait long for them to arrive."

"But where are we going to go?" asked the young prince once more. "It's not like I know where we are and I'm pretty sure you don't know either."

"You're right, I do not know, but that doesn't mean I'm going to sit here and wait for the men to catch up to us. Judging from the skill of that bodyguard of yours named Cerul I'm certain he will be able to find us if we find a place to hide for a while."

"Abidah's right, we need to find somewhere to lay low. Plus with your brother in the condition he is now it would be best." Said Maurie to Prince Sylvan. The young prince turned his gaze to his unconscious older brother who sat precariously atop his horse, his body leaning to one side as if he would fall off at any moment. "If we continue down this path your brother's added weight would slow us down and we know there is no way we can leave him behind, right sister?"

Maurie looked at Abidah expectantly. Abidah was contemplating whether or not she should leave both the princes behind and take her sister and run away from all this mess. If she hadn't met the princes in the first place she would not be in such a predicament, it was like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

On the other hand, she could bring both princes with her and nurse the oldest one back to health and in the end they would both be owing her a favor which she would probably definitely need in the near future.

What to do? What to do? Though Abidah.

Abidah pursed her lips and roved her eyes around the surroundings. It was way past midday and the night would be upon them soon so she had to think fast. She could feel a headache swiftly coming on, making her right eye twitch. Maurie saw this twitching and knew her sister was in deep thought.

"Maurie I think you're right, no one is being left behind." Said Abidah finally. She spurred Ashkelon lightly and he trotted up beside Prince Adam where she placed a hand around him and straightened him up in the saddle, not wanting him to fall over. "Since this is the way that we had previously come I think I can find a place for us to hide. On our way I had seen a path leading through the forest, with any luck we should find shelter if we go along it."

There was a moment of silence as the pair of younger siblings glanced at each other.

"It's worth a try." Said Maurie, a bit of hope flashing in her eyes.

Prince Sylvan shrugged his stiff shoulders, "Well, nothing tried nothing done."

Abidah smile at the Prince's response. "Okay then let's go."

Abidah turned Ashkelon in the way she wanted him to go but the hellion gave a disobedient tug on the reins, though he soon complied. She had seen the path when they travelling along, she just hoped that she remembered where it was and would be able to find help. The smile that she had on from earlier fell from her face only to be replaced by a slightly grim one...hopefully.

They made their way down the road, all three pairs of eyes searching frantically for the path that they had passed but they were without luck. Just when it looked like they would give Abidah spotted the rustic dirt path leading into the forest from the side of the road. It was almost hidden from view, if she had blinked she would have surely missed it.

"Look!" she shouted to her two companions, "Over there." She pointed a thin finger in the direction of the grass shrouded path then quickly made her way towards it, the others followed her lead.

Not wasting any more time they made their way onto it and followed the meandering footpath deeper into the forest.

Everyone was uneasy, their bodies tensing as if waiting for something to spring from the surrounding trees upon them. They were so anxious to find a place to hide that they forgot to think about other dangers that probably lay ahead of them, but there was no turning back now.

The deeper into the forest they went the darker the surroundings became. The horses who were moving in a steady canter before began to slow their gait as if sensing something was amiss. Abidah became extra cautious when she felt Ashkelon jerk slightly under her, she had been with hellion long enough to understand his body signals and right now there was something strange happening.

However, after walking for a few more minutes the horses picked up their pace as if nothing had happened and this caused Abidah to raise a brow in confusion. She was just about to say something to her two cohorts when a faint glow could be seen coming from up ahead. Abidah picked up the pace, the other two also realizing that there was light in the distance also spurred their horses faster.

As they got closer the light became brighter and when they stepped through the dark foliage a small clearing opened up before them, the sudden expanse of light almost blinding their eyes which had gotten accustomed to seeing in the dark.

The sight before them was absolutely marvelous. It was like steeping into a whole new world. This part of the forest seemed so untouched by man that it looked surreal. But when they went farther in they spotted a small cottage shrouded by two large trees. However this little cottage took nothing away from the picturesque view, if anything it added to it, for the house looked as if it was made a part of the land and the trees on it.

"Wow." These were the only words that could come out of Maurie's mouth at the moment.

"You can say that again." Said the young prince looking boggled, his eyes widening at the scenic view. "Am I dreaming?"

"I assure you Prince Sylvan, you are not." Abidah lifted her head and circled the expanse of green before her with shining eyes. "We are all seeing what you are seeing." Nimbly she jumped from her horse, but just as her feet touched the grass covered floor out of nowhere a statuesque woman appeared.

"Who goes there?!" exclaimed the woman.

Abidah who hadn't let her guard down one bit had quickly drawn her bow and arrow and was deftly pointing the weapon at the newcomer.

"Who the heck are you?" Said Abidah.


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