Harmony's POV:

"Come on, let's get you to a hospital. RIKER!"

He came through the door, "Is it time to go to the hospital and have this baby?"

"I....think....so." Jade said between a contraction.

"come on let's go!!! Get Rydel and I will get her into the car!"

Riker nodded and ran off to get Rydel.

I turned back to my beautiful friend. I grabbed her hand, "Are you ready of have this baby?"

"I don't know! I'm scared! Not everything is ready and-" She began to panic.

"Bae. Look at me." I titled her chin up. "You are going to make the greatest mother ever I can't wait to meet your baby girl. Seeing how beautiful she is, helping you by standing by you the ENTIRE time. I promise you will be the bestest mother and.... Jade?"

I watched her tilt her head and have a bad contraction. "Yeah?" She said, holding back years.

"Let's get you to the hospital."


"FUCKKKKKKK!!!!!" Jade screamed, gripping on the side of the hospital bed. Riker ran up and told her what a amazing job she was doing and how soon then would have a bundle of joy. She only smiled , looked up into his eyes and got the courage to keep going.

"I'm not going anywhere boo." I said, pulling her hair up in a ponytail to keep it out of her sweating face.



"Get me the drug." Jade was referring to the needle in the spine to reduce pain.

"I thought we didn't want that...."

Jade rolled her eyes and said threw a killer contraction, "Rikey? GET me the FUCKING drug!!! I am in pain!"

"Okay baby. I love you." Riker kissed her cheek and walked out to flag down the nurse.


"Yes boo?"

"Stay with me?"

"The whole time." I smiled, putting a hand on her stomach. "You are going to have a baby!!!! Get excited!!"

"I would if it didn't hurt so bad!!!"

"Knock knock!" Ross called. Once he stepped into the room, he calmed down. "Harmony." He nodded and greeted me.

"Ross." I nodded back, awkward in the air.

"Could I speak to Harmony really quickly Jade?"

"Hurry!" She nodded.

"Scream if you need me." I kissed her hand and walked out the door.

I walked down the hallway with Ross. We stood outside in the pouring rain before he spoke a single word. Finally he spoke, "I would appreciate it if you found another place to make out with my brother and like grope him. I don't need to see it, nor does anybody else. It's disgusting."

"Ask your brother that not me." I shot back.

"I did and he told me to shove off."

"Then shove off!" I said, starting to walk back inside.

"Wait!" Ross grabbed my collared shirt and pulled me back. "I'm not done."

"Well I am."

"Listen to me!!!" He said, grabbing my hand. I ignored the sparks I felt and said, "WHAT?"

"I love you."

"I love you too." I said, walking back into the hospital.



Jade's POV:

It had been over seven hours. Seven hours of this hell. Note to anybody who wants kids: ADOPT. Or get somebody else to have a baby for you!!! Because this shit HURTED like hell.

I sighed as the painful spine injection started to work it's magic. I figured I should get some sleep before I had to push this bowling ball out of me.

Harmony came back into the room, a worried look on her face. When I asked her what had happened, she said nothing and rubbed my stomach to help me fall into a deep sleep.....


"Push come on Jade!" The midwife said, as a I pushed with all my might.

After about 7 pushes and having to stop a few times to get a pep-talk from Riker, it was finally the last push. I pushed with all my might and heard a little baby scream.

"Look at your beautiful baby...." The midwife wrapped her in a blanket and placed her into my arms.

I started crying and looked up and Riker, "Look at how beautiful she is."

Riker wiped a tear from his eyes, and patted his baby girl and played with the few dark hairs on her head.

"She's brunette." Harmony said to Rocky. "You owe me 10."

"Fuck that's right." He smiled, handing me a 10 dollar bill.

"You owe 20 babe." I smiled through my tears.

I was in love with this baby.

The nurse came in and took and examined our beautiful baby. She looked slightly concerned. She asked to run some tests and came back with the news.

"She has Down syndrome. I'm very sorry."

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