Chapter Eighteen - Riding to War

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"To help." Castiel replied simply, watching the alpha closely as he still stood by the tent flap, fidgeting on both of his feet. Dean gives him one scowl and Cas looks down at his feet, frowning slightly. 

"Really?" Dean says sarcastically while Castiel grimaces and glances back up before nodding. 

"Pan told me-"


"My god." Castiel informed, straightening up slightly. "The god of nature."

"I know who Pan is." Dean rolled his eyes. "Isn't he the god that lures people into the forest to get them to have orgies?" 

Castiel's mouth fell open in surprise before going on to the complete defence, scowling angrily and the grinning alpha. 

"How dare y-"

"I was kidding, Cas! Jeez, calm down. Well i mean, that is what is said in the mythology but..."

"Yes, exactly. That is precisely what it is, a myth!" Castiel snaps and crosses his hands over his chest. "He wants to protect the earth, and since we are mammals of the earth that means he wants to protect us. The powers that i have are his powers and i, along with my family, are his servants to use that power to serve him."

"Your powers? From what i've seen you can only change into some fiery hell hound." Dean says dubiously. Oh how he loved to wind the little omega up who every single time takes his bait. 

"That is not the only thing i can do, Winchester!" Castiel stomps his foot angrily. "There are other things."

"Like what?" 

"Like... Well, like being in touch with the elements."

"Wow." Dean says sarcastically. If the alpha wasn't careful, the omega would soon lurch at him with all of his angry might. 

"I can control the earth Dean. Not in the way that Pan can but it does my bidding. He told me that i can stop the war but i can't do anything that will make nature uncomfortable."

"Make nature uncomfortable? It doesn't have feelings Castiel." Dean rolled his eyes and Castiel breathed in deeply, regaining his composure before shaking his head.

"That is where you're wrong. Of course it has feelings."

"Okay, fine. What kind of things makes it uncomfortable than?" Dean asks, raising an eyebrow in amusements.


"What?" Dean's grin drops from his face. "What do you mean, death?"

"If i use the power that Pan gave me to kill anyone, even the soldiers from Crowley's army, than i will be upsetting the balance of life and death. Besides, Pan would be pretty angry with me for killing just about anyone, especially using his plants to do it."

"How could a tree kill anyone?" Dean asks, frowning slightly. Suddenly he was taking the whole situation a lot more seriously, which Castiel of course was glad for. 

"A trees roots, depending on how old it is, go deep under the ground. They get tangled up and some even form together to become sister trees. By doing this, their roots become strong and they hold a lot of magic within them. They can raise from the ground and move around, attacking if i asked them to, but they wouldn't be happy about it. As ferocious as trees may be, they are creatures of the light. They are creatures of Pan." 

Finally, after a few moments of silence Dean sighed and stood up out of his chair and faced Castiel. He put the glass back down on the table and walked towards his husband.

"I really appreciate you coming here to try and help, Castiel. And i also appreciate you telling me all of this about you. I feel like i know you that little bit more which will help me towards sussing you out. But you have to understand, i can't let you ride into battle with me. It's too dangerous for you and the people, well who knows what the people will think about that. I just can't let you, and i'm sorry."

Castiel nods slowly and stares up at Dean, frowning sadly. 

"I'm also sorry, alpha. But i wasn't asking for your permission." 

A/N: Happy birthday to me :) Decided to write a chapter for a present to myself. Also, sorry i have been MIA, but all my assignments are finally handed in!

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