CHAPTER 2: Cherry-Bomb

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CHAPTER 2: Cherry Bomb

The van was like a white chocolate-covered cherry. The interior was covered without exception in floor to ceiling bright red. The seats were a slightly peeling vinyl, carpeting thick and shaggy- the entire area completed with a partially deflated water bed in an open space, behind the seats. Hollows in the walls were used as shelves.

It was a Love Shack. Though, in that moment I wouldn’t have cared if I had been thrown into a garbage truck.

 I was sweating like a horse as the thump-thwuck of bullets hit the metal exterior. Paralyzed in my seat, my bitten-off nails making puncture marks in the cheap vinyl I was clawing them so deep. The vehicle swerved several times, evading the helicopter chasing it.

What was I supposed to think at that point?

After drinking blood and almost murdering someone, escaping death and ending up in a Love Shack infested with forty-year old STD's crawling in the shag carpet, my capacity for sensory data had reached its limit.

My gaze wavered to one of the crouched people over the man, apparently giving him medical support or something. Immediately, as if sensing my eyes on him, his head turned around, revealing the most interesting feature. His eyes were the color of dark honey. They were…captivating. His eyes literally glowed they were so intense.

I stared, his eyes never breaking contact with mine, until a deep swerve threw me on top of Karson and effectively snapped me out of my trance. I shook my head violently.

"Sorry, hun. Didn't mean to hypnotize you or anything- it's been awhile since I've eaten," he snickered at some inside joke.

"Leave her alone!" Karson roared protectively at Honey-Eyes. His eyebrows rose.

“Kind of disrespectful for us risking our asses just to save yours, don’t you think?”

Karson glared. “Who are you people anyways? And how did you know we were over there?”

"We got word that Blades were coming over here- so we came to investigate. Pansy-ass over here," a blond-haired man piped up, "came up with the brilliant idea of going in alone, drag out with you two, and drop off everybody in Cherry-Bomb. Idiot! He got a chunk ripped out of him by you!” Blondie said the last part pointedly at me. He was deeply tanned, blond hair the color of a surfer god and as wiry as a clothesline.

“Wait…why were those guys chasing us? And wait- how the…what…” I started but got lost in my own thoughts. They weren’t even fazed by the fact that I almost ate their friend. And how did they know where we were?

“We listen in on their transmissions. They track you down and surveillance for weeks until you’re out in the open and strike.” Blondie explained to me.

Suddenly, I felt sick. “Oh dear Lord,” I rasped and yanked the handle of the door open, sliding it back to get to fresh air I stuck my head out further and let the wind fill my ears. Whatever the hell had just happened, I knew I would need a lot of pills before it was over.

 I peeked over the edge of the backseat to gaze at the man I had attacked. He was hot. His body was long and lean, a toned torso exposed and glistening. Almost perfect except for the blood smeared ungracefully across his browned skin. His wavy brown locks were drenched in sweat. His looks alone could fill the character of the star senior quarterback. How had it been humanly possible for me to tackle that guy to the ground? He had to of been at least six foot three, I myself at a meek five foot six.

“Hey-uh, is he gonna be okay?” escaped my sandpaper throat. They both ignored me.

I faced the front. My brain tried to piece together what just happened. It wasn’t possible for someone of my size to take down that man, unless I possessed some sort of inhuman strength that I had been unaware of until then. I drank a man’s blood and I liked it. The SWAT team chased us in a helicopter and shot real bullets. We were kidnapped by a white VW van. Lost vampire princess being returned to her people?

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