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"K-Ka-ale.. I-.."

"Shh.. It's okay. Just relax.."

"N-No. No, no, no, I-.. I can't. It was J-Jason.."

"Jason? Whose Jason?"

"M-My brother.. There was an i-incident on o-one of his- his trips.. I don't- I don't know what happened.. I went to the hospital, and- and he wasn't- he wasn't..."

"Shh.. Riley, calm down. It's okay.."

"No! It's not! He's- He's dead.. Kale, He's dead.. He freaking left me! I- I don't have- have any- anyone..."


"He's dead.. He's- He's not coming back.. I won't-"

"Shh, Riley. Don't cry.. I'm here. I won't leave you.. It's okay..."


"I'll get you a hot chocolate and let you sit down for a little.."


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