Harry's POV

How did they know what happened to Thalia? How could they have possibly found out that she was in this hospital?

Blowing out a sigh, I dragged myself over to the glass doors. Darren and Thalia's mother were practically begging to be let inside, but the hospital staff were being firm and standing by their rules and regulations, which was funny because nobody ever obeyed rules anywhere else in this town. But then again the hospital wasn't famed for no reason.

No admittance unless you called and made an appointment in advance or provided proof that you were a relative or a close acquaintance of the patient, I learned when I was here a few years ago to witness my granduncle's death. And I also knew that clothing was a major factor they would have to consider before letting someone in. If you dressed poorly, they would know you wouldn't be able to afford the services here so they'll ax you immediately. The same rule applied even if you were a visitor, it seemed.

I noticed Darren tense up and the frail looking woman beside him jerk a little when I came through the sliding glass door. Why was he accompanying her? Hadn't she figured out what kind of fucked up shit he's been doing behind her back? The staff suddenly had their heads turned toward me, stopping in their tracks. They reacted to me the same way people would react to my father when he entered a room.

"You need to tell them." Thalia's mother had a piece of tissue pressed between her nose and mouth and it muffled her voice. "I need to see my daughter." Her eyes were brimming with tears, thin fingers quivering as she peered up at me.

My focus was on Darren now and how he had the nerve to show up here after his little secret was revealed. This guy knew a lot of things, he'd even somehow managed to track down Thalia. And for that reason, I didn't want him anywhere near her.

"Let her into the waiting room." I told the staff, particularly the tall man standing infront of the door with his arms crossed over his chest. He didn't appear very willing but complied anyway, opening the door for Thalia's mother whilst maintaining a straight face, clearly unhappy with the outcome. She scurried past us, seizing the opportunity.

Anxiety swelled in Darren's worked up features, he'd evidently lost the confidence he had the last time I saw him. "Get the hell out of here." I told him sharply. He didn't protest. He must've finally realised how much of an asshole he had been and hopefully he was drowning in guilt. He'd better be.

I returned to the waiting room in the emergency department where Thalia's mother was fidgeting in her seat. Her grey hair was a great frizz, her skin pale and frame too bony. Watching her in this nervous state reminded me of the reality of the situation, and my heart began pounding again.

We both had questions for each other but we remained silent. Did she even know what was happening to her daughter in there? If so, how? Did she even know Thalia was with child? My child? Her presence surprisingly didn't cause any tension, not right now atleast because we were both so engrossed in the situation at hand that we couldn't be bothered with anything else. I paced back and forth, my trembling hands dropping to my sides, then into my pockets, unsure where I should keep them. This was maddening, and my impatience was taking a toll on me. I had compulsions to burst into the room every few seconds, and it took all of me to refrain from it.

When a man arrayed in a white coat, a doctor probably, walked out of one of the emergency rooms, Thalia's mom was on her feet in a flash and I snapped to attention. "I'm her mother, how is she? How is she, doctor?" Her questions were frantic, and her skinny hands hovered about, almost as if she was going to shake the answer out of him. The doctor pulled off the surgical mask from his face and then slowly shook his head. I felt the blood rush in my veins, heart sinking to my knees.

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