Looking for David

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Hey guys, this is my first book so tell me if it's good! Vote, Comment, or whatever.


Danielle is an average 15 year old girl that is smart, pretty, sweet, and funny. Her first boyfriend, David, was running in the woods one day and apparently fell off a cliff into a river, but his body was never found. Danielle was heartbroken, but in her gut she felt David was still alive.

What happened to David? Did he disappear on purpose?

Danielle's (POV)

It was just another normal day in Buck's County, Pennsylvania. I went to school and well learned, after that I went home and realized that my boyfriend, David, wasn't in school. I called him.

-(Voicemail) Hey, this is David, leave a message.

-Hey babe, it's me, I didn't see you at school. Call me, love you.

I was so worried about him. Then, my mom came in my room. (My mom and dad are both doctors, so in rare ocasions they come and socialize).

-Danielle, have you watched the news ,yet?

-No. Why, what happened?

My mom was going to say something, but I interrupted her to ask: "Have you heard from David?"

-That's what I was going to talk to you about.


I was slightly worried now.

-Something happened to David.

-Mom, tell me.

-(crying) I'm so sorry, baby. David died.

I blocked, denied, and even abnegated everything, thinking it was all a joke or at least hoping it was.

-Are you kidding me? Do you rave so much attetion now that you make up stories so I will talk to you?

-I wish I was, sweetie. See for yourself.

I went downstairs hoping it was a mistake or something, but as I saw the tv I started crying. My first love was dead. The reporter said that he was doing his morning jogs and that he slipped or something and fell into the river. As the news reporter kept talking about the mysterious death I wondered, if they did not find the body there could still be a chance that he's alive! Why would he fake it? If it was faked. I was determined on finding him, no matter what.

Haha, bet you didn't see that one coming! Comment if there is anything wrong or if you want to suggest anything.

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