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People never realize how kind Cato could be. Everyone saw him as this tough kid who was out for blood. This isn't the case. Or at least, it wasn't. Cato was always full of light when we were children. He lived to make me laugh and he was my closest friend. As we got older I realized that the world wasn't as bright and easy and childhood made it seem. The Hunger Games. Growing up in District One I never had to worry about having to go the games while still young. Whoever was the best was going to volunteer. It was awful when Cato turned 18. He was the best in his class. He was the one chosen in our district to volunteer. I had hoped that he wouldn't have to. I couldn't even be his partner, I was only 17 at the age of volunteering to there wouldn't be a chance of me going in until next year. When Cato lost, my heart was shattered. His facade of confidence fell with him, the capital never saw him for what I saw him as. They never saw the smile, instead they saw his smirk. They saw what the Capital made him into. 

"Andrew Carp" A stale voice called out. 

I replied quickly, people were already looking at me expectantly. They new I was the best in my class. They were still worried for me though. They knew that Cato had been the one to train me. They saw how things ended up for him too. All of it wasted. The girl that killed him ended up killing herself along with her boyfriend anyway. What a waste of a life. 

"I volunteer" Me voice echoes.

The applause is deafening. With all of the yelling, you would think that I've already won. Not quite yet. 


Everything building up the Games is a blur. I can barely remember the interview, it was days ago now. I've been in the games for two days. We're down to three tributes, including myself. I'm sure they're working together so they can take me down. I've taken out nearly all of the tributes on my own. All for Cato. All so I can avenge him. 

"I'm sure that you both know that I've taken down a group of three on my own during these games." I call out into the forest. No one decides to respond. Smart move. I don't blame them from hiding. I'm a terrifying competitor. 

"C'mon now! Two boys against one small girl? You're gonna pass on this opportunity." I yell, attempting to bait them. 

I can hear the sound of soft breathing behind my to my right. If I were a lesser competitor maybe I wouldn't notice. Unfortunately for them, I'm not. 

With all my force I throw my sword in the direction of the breathing without glancing that way. The cannon that rings out clues out to me that I was successful. 

"Attention all tributes," A voice booms out through the arena. A gamemaker. 

"Due to the unfortunate circumstance of the 74th Annual Hunger Games that resulted in no winner, we will be allowing two winning tributes." 

I can hear the last tribute move from farther inside the trees. He moves out from his cover and has a smile on his face. Matt? I think that's his name.

"That's not how the games work." I state. 

If Cato can't make it out of the games, what makes Matt all so deserving? He hid and cowered throughout the games. He doesn't deserve to live. Not in a world where Cato loses. 

Matt doesn't have time to react to me suddenly running forward. My hands are around his neck before he can mutter a word. Snap. Yet another cannon rings out and echoes through the empty arena. 

"That's not how the games work." I repeat again, this time I look up the closest camera. 

I hope that me glare is enough the strike fear into the hearts of all the gamemakers, capitial residents, and even Snow. They did this. They created me and now they need to deal with the repercussions. I hope I haunt their dreams. I hope the feel the blood I spill on their hands. That is where it belongs. 

Okay this one is kind of darker but I like it! It's completely different than the sappy love stories I typically right so I hope you like this lol. VOTE! COMMENT! Mmm Cato! What did you guys think of the twist that Katniss and Peeta actually did eat the berries? I thought that was a cool new twist! 


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