Chapter two-Pet ferrets and introductions

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Alex stood stock-still for what felt a lot like an hour, but was aproximately no more than seven seconds. After trying and failing a few times do find his voice he finally sqeaked out

"Don't you like chocolate cake?" And immediatly felt like dying from embarassment.

He was just about to drop the cake and run when the girl's haughty attitude evaporated and her face split into a grin. And then she laughed. A happy tinkling laugh that made Alex's heart beat faster and made him smile, which was rare.

"I love chocolate cake" she said while beaming at him.

"It's the people i don't like"

"Well then that makes two of us" Alex mused, finding his voice.

The girl lauged again and motioned into the house behind her.

"would you like to come in?"

Alex instantly felt shy again and looked away while stuttering.

"Oh come on" she pleaded

"My parents are out and I'm lonely, plus I need help eating that chocolate cake"

And without another word, she grabbed his arm and tugged him inside.

The living room and kitchen seemed mostly unpacked, although the floor was scattered with boxes and pieces of paper. Alex handed the cake to the blonde girl who placed it on the table and then plonked herself down onto one of the couches.

She studied him for a moment then gestured to the couch opposite hers


It was more of an order than an offer so Alex sat.

"What's your name?" she asked curiously.

"Uhhh... Alex" she raised an eyebrow at him.

"Alexander?" Alex shook his head

"Alexandos" he told her.

"Close enough, Sweetpea"

"I... uhhh I'd prefer it if you called me-"

"oh come on, it suits you" she said, cutting him off. "Anyway, I'm Ivy. Ivy Vine"

She looked at him, almost daring him to laugh at her name.

"That's a pretty name" Alex said quietly and he meant it. She seemed to sence his sincerity and smiled slightly, a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes.

"Well you'd be the first to think that" she half-whispered. "Wanna see something?" she asked excitedly. Something about her tone and expression had changed. All trace of sadness was gone, replaced with what seemed like happiness. Yet Alex was unconvinced.

"Sure" he said, answering her question. She led him into the laundry and switched the light on. The laundry smelled old and musty and had several small cracks in the walls. Ivy made her way over to a cardboard box on the floor and opened it.

"These are my best friends" she told him and kneeled on the cold tiles.

"They aren't snakes are they?" Alex asked hurridly. Ivy shook her head. "Spiders? Rats?" She shook her head after all of these. "Scorpions?" he panicked

"Scorpions?"  she repeated while laughing and turned to look at him "just who do you think I am?"

"I don't know, but there's all kinds of people on this street. The lady at number sixty-two has twenty-seven cats" he told her.

She giggled and beckoned him over to the box. He cautiously walked over and kneeled on the floor next to Ivy. She reached into the box and brought out a small, furry animal.

"Is that a ferret?" he asked in disbelief.

"Two ferrets!" she said happily. "Here" she said and handed him the baby creature before he could utter a word of protest and then gently picked up the other sleeping ferret, which fit perfectly in her small hands.

"What are their names?" Alex asked while cauitiously stroking it's fur.

"They don't have names yet" she said. "you can help me with that."

"I'll give it some thought" he said quietly, not wanting to wake the sleeping babies.

Alex and Ivy sat there, in comfortable scilence for a while, just enjoying being in each other's company.

"I should get home, it's late" he said. He hadn't realized how long he'd been at Ivy's house.

He handed the baby ferret back to her and started to get up. He waited for her to place the two sleepy animals in the box filled with shredded newspaper and then walked into the kitchen with Ivy following suit.

She led him to the door and he was about to leave when Ivy stopped him.

"I take it back" she blurted out

"Take what back?" Alex asked, confused.

"I said I didn't like people, but it turns out some of them aren't so bad after all" she shrugged then smiled up at him. "Goodnight, Sweetpea" Then gently shut the door.

Alex stood there, wondering about this mysterious girl who seemed to come from a different world altogether. Then he turned on his heel and headed back home under the dim and dusty light from the street lamps.

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