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Aaron moved out of the bow rider first and forwarded his hand towards me. I took it immediately and carefully stepped down the boat.

We walked towards the villa where a man in his mid fifties and a woman, of approximately the same age, greeted us.

"Caroline, he is Tobias and she is Maggot, his wife. They live here and take care of the island" Aaron explained.

"Congratulations to you both" Maggot said cheerfully "now go inside and change. Dinner is almost done" she added, patting Aaron's back.

I shook hands with both of them, then followed Aaron inside the villa. Our bags were already empty till the time we entered the room and everything was placed neatly inside the closet.

Taking out a dark blue sundress, that we brought in Milan, I walked inside the bathroom.

"Want me to join you?" Aaron asked, stopping the door by his hand.

"No" I chuckled.

"Why?" He frowned with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"Because the dinner is almost done and if we don't go there soon... well... you know, it will get cold and no longer taste the same" I tried to reason out but laughed hearing my own words.

"That is really a very stupid reason but okay. I can wait" Aaron smirked then closed the bathroom door and went away.

Heat rushed to my cheeks and it felt like my heart will implode in my chest any moment. Why the hell he has to say things that make me feel so... weak in the knees!

Taking a cool refreshing shower to calm my emotions, I walked out of the bathroom. Aaron wasn't there so maybe he went to some other room for a shower.

I dried my hair with a dryer and left them open, falling freely around my face. Applying an adequate amount of makeup and putting on my heels I walked outside the room towards the entrance hall, where Aaron was already waiting for me.

He was wearing a sky blue shirt and denim jeans along with a cream coloured coat that completed his look.

"Ready?" I said walking towards him and looping my hand around his arm.

"Why is it always that you look so beautiful?" Aaron winked at me, walking opposite to where the entrance was.

Though it was too cheesy but coming out from his mouth, well I don't mind it.

"Why is it always that you look so handsome?" I replied to him.

He stopped in his tracks and turned to look at me with an amused expression on his face. "Is it so?"

I hummed in response and pulled him with me. "Where are we going, by the way?" I asked. We were supposed to have dinner and he was taking me outside the villa.

"To have dinner" he smiled.

We walked past a few rooms until we reached the backyard, where a table was set for the two of us.

The cool breeze fanning my hair, the peaceful sound of the sea waves, the clear sky full of stars just provoked the beauty of moment.

I sat on the chair that Aaron drew out for me and thanked him. He sat next to me and uncovered the dishes that were placed on the table.

It was some different kind of sea food, the type of food I have never tasted or even seen before. Though it looked odd but the smell was wonderful so I won't mind tasting it.

"It's Maggot's special dishes, you won't find it anywhere else and..." he said, putting some of it in my plate "it tastes really good".

I picked up a fork and knife and took my first bite. It was definitely an unusual taste but was delicious. I closed my eyes, savoring the taste and heard Aaron chuckle.

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