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Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness.




Two years ago

"I am hungry" I informed Brant turning around and facing him

"Eat me", he says in a bit pissed off mood

"You are too thin. I need something heavy. You can't keep a girl hungry" before he could say, who is the girl here? and all that shit. He opened his mouth but I cut him off, "Yes, I'm the girl here"I answer rolling my eyes at him.

"OK! fine. Let's have something.There is a McDonald's nearby" he says in defeat.

After about five minutes we reached the Mcdonalds. As we entered it the smell of burgers reached my nose and I felt more hungry.Brant went to place the order. On the way, he clashed with a very beautiful girl and all her coke was all over Brant's cloths.

She looked up from the tray towards Brant and made a very disgusting face as if Brant was some kind of dirt.

"Watch where you are going nerd" she yelled at him, I expected Brant to shout at her or at least reply to a sarcastic comment, the way he replies to me, but he just stood there looking down in an apologetic way.

"Don't you have a tongue to speak, Nerd" she again overreacted. Now half of the crowd sitting in the place were looking at them.I was watching all this standing at a three feet distance from the corner of his eyes Brant saw me watching. I dint like the way that girl was speaking to him. I admit she was damn pretty and Brant looks like a nerd but he isn't disgusting, He has an attitude problem but he was a good guy.I was about to march towards them but Brant opened his mouth again.

"I am sorry, Selena." he apologized still looking down towards his foot.He knows the girl's name.That means he knows her. I f he knows her, she might also be knowing him than Why is she acting in such a way? why is Brant apologizing? I saw from afar it was totally her fault. she was the one who was not looking ahead.

"I will buy you a new one," he said and walked towards the counter

SHE. IS. SUCH. A. BITCH. Selena's friend joined her, dressed in similar cloths.

"I think he did that intentionally, to gain your attention," her friend said bitterly.

"Obviously he knows he can't gain my attention in school that's why he is using all this tac tics" she commented bitterly and the whole girl crew standing behind her started laughing.

When Brant returned with her tray. People on the way were looking at him accusing way may be they all were thinking that he pushed her intentionally, as Selena and her friends were having there conversation loud enough for everyone to here.

Brant mumbled a small sorry and was about to hand the tray to Selena when her friend practically snatched the stray from him.

"LOSER" she sneered,

My eyes widened at her bitterness.People sitting around were now looking at him in sympathy.

That's it, I cant take this shit anymore. Why the hell is Brant not saying anything. I was beyond angry I walked towards them and stood in between Brant and the girls.

"Keep that bitchy attitude of yours to yourself, Ms. whatever your name is"I spoke in a threatening tone to the girl standing beside Selena. She took a step back, confusion plastered on her face.But, she was defiantly frightened off me actually I was too, I never knew I could speak in such a threatening tone.

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