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Here's my second Brightmore installment :) New readers please note: you DO NOT have to have read the first book as the stories are completely seperate and can be read by themselves respectively. However, there is bound to be a few spoilers if you intend reading the first. Thanks to Yvonnejo for the fantastic cover (again) and to Haferness3 for the much-appreciated feedback and editing :) xxx



Extract from Oriana Harmony Brightmore’s Journal

Oriana Harmony Brightmore’s Inventory of Favourable Qualities One Should Expect in One’s Husband

One: Although largely unimportant, my husband must be at least somewhat pleasing to the eye.

Two: He must be agreeable and openly engaging with me and others around him.

Three: He must love Shakespeare, Chaucer, and Wordsworth.

Four: His intelligence, candour and wit must be unquestionable yet refined with subtle humility.

Five: He must be well-groomed, always. I could not abide an odorous man. My brothers have cured me of any affectation for such a thing.

Six: He must always be conscientious. My husband should be willing and able to practise a healthy marriage by making concerted efforts to win my favours.

Seven: He must win my favours.

Eight: He should be reluctantly romantic. A superfluous and exaggerated braggart of romance would not suit me in the least. Rather, my husband should endeavour to woo me in seclusion with thoughtful gestures and melodious words.

Nine: He must be kind, especially towards small animals and children.

Ten: He must certainly, most definitely, not associate with women of a faster set than I, nor should he want to.

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