Chapter V

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The Howletts were not doing as they ought to, Mrs

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The Howletts were not doing as they ought to, Mrs. Howlett's health seemed to be on a decline so one day after attending church with my brother, sister and mother we went to pay them a visit.

"Mrs. Stewart come in please," who I assumed was Mr. Howlett asked us in. t

The harsh smell I had grown was noticeable unlike before where it was everywhere and there was no getting away yet now though I had only been living at the Howard household for a little while I breathed it in with difficulty. The Howletts kids went to play with Daniel outdoors and Joan stayed on my lap while mother went to Mrs. Howlett's bed, and Mr. Howlett fixed an old bread cut up into four pieces none of which were for him or Mrs. Howlett.

"My dear how are you today?" Mother touched her hand.

"Better," Mrs. Howlett opened her eyes and a big smile upon her face, "much better ain't it right dear?"

"Yes and tomorrow you'll be up and walkin'," Mr. Howlett said to her.

"How about your job? Still on strike?"

"Yes for now I still have a job but if the owner gives in they'll send us right back on the boat we came from." Mr. Howlett explained the situation which was fair to none of the hard working men involved.

"I urge him to be still, nothing will come to pass, and if so then there is always America right?"

"Yes there is always America," Mr. Howlett agreed with his wife, he was so amiable towards her he reminded me of father, always in good spirits, giving in to his wife's wisdom.

"America I had never thought about it," mother said.

"Me either."

"Oh but you two lovely ladies are homegrown English women, us, we are far from home already a little more distance for a better life would make no difference." Mrs. Howlett coughed a little.

"Does it hurt?" Mother asked her.

"Oh no, what hurts is being in bed all day, I might go for a stroll tomorrow or I will be driven mad."

"Then tomorrow I shall come by to help you do just that."

"Thank you, you are a dear friend, the only one we have but worth a thousand friends," Mrs. Howlett smiled and mother decided our visit had gone on long enough.

"We shall bother you no longer we only wanted to see how you were getting on."

"Thank you and how are you getting on with your new employer Miss Alice?"

"Really well, I am very privileged to be there Mrs. Howlett."

"Good and what is the name of your employer? I was trying to tell our neighbor but forgot the name of who you work for now."

"Mr. Howard, is what he goes by."

"Oh..." Mrs. Howlett became quiet.

"What is it?" Mother also noticed the refrain to go further.

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