Chapter LVI

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"Mrs. Stewart I came to ask you..." Mr. Henry got up trying to be civil to my mother who screamed at him.

"I know what you came to ask me you demon! And you shall never have her!"

"Mother!" I was surprised to see her out and about without supervision.

"I... Mrs. Stewart I assure you my intentions are to make her my wife as soon as possible, I do not intend to dilly dally..."

"No! You are not fit to marry my Alice! You shall never be her equal!"

"Of course not, Lady Alice is all beauty and grace but please allow me to court her ma'am I promise though unworthy I shall make every attempt to live up to the Stewart name," Mr. Henry asked once more patiently.

"Get out of this house! I shall never let you in the company of my daughter ever again you hear me!"

"Mother, calm down," I tried to get a hold of her.

"Do not disobey me Alice I do not want to hurt you!"

"Is she alright Lady Alice?" Mr. Henry asked me.

"If you leave me for him you will hurt your mother and I shan't be hurt again!" She began to sob her tears pointing her finger at Mr. Henry.

"Mama do you have Mr. Henry's letters?" I asked clicking in my head she would have the most motives to hide the letters.

"What letters?" She backed away from us as if in shame, "so many letters we receive."

"Where are the letters?" I insisted knowing her erratic childlike behavior meant she had to know something.

"Why do you want them? All he tries is to entertain you so you can forget about me; he is not good do you not see it? He wants to destroy our family!"

"Where are the letters!" I used a louder tone of voice instead of treating her with the same kindness and patience of the past six months.

"They burned, burned, burned in the fire like the hell burns waiting for the devil and he, oh yes he belongs there!" Mother pointed at Mr. Henry.

"How could you? They were mine, they belonged to no one but me," I looked into her eyes wholly frustrated with the one person I loved above all.

"Do not be troubled Alice, do not cry, they are as we all are, ash and dust, like our bones at the end, it is everything we are."

"Your mother is not well Lady Alice," Mr. Henry showed me the obvious.

"Mama," I said distraught with the embarrassment she was causing us, I never wanted anyone to see her in this state.

"You must bring a doctor."

"No!" Mother jumped at Mr. Henry's throat and I came between them.

"Mama no!"

"Somebody help! Anyone help us!" Mr. Henry called out.

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