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THIS IS A paranormal STORY!!!! of now. With some mature content!!! Story is on next update. This page is mostly nonsense.


(lame joke time) Hey peoples!! Watts up? Get it...we are on Wattpad. So Watt(pad)s up. Hahaha...yeah, that didn't make sense.

First of all I severely apologize in advance at the spellibg (did that I propose) mistakes you are about to view throughout this my attempt at a story. It is my first so... give me a break.


COMMENT!!!!!!! I want your feedback.

No matter how gruesome it is. (Just don't start cussing out my family or some immature crap like that cause i promise u, sh*t will get fast. FREAKY FAST!!!!) But I still want your feedback so please. Comment...Please!!

It wouldn't kill you to do it. And trust me taking those extra thirty seconds to write a feedback wont spontaneously make your brain explode from overheating.

And even if it are gonna die anyway. At least this way you died making me happy. Now THAT, is the way to go.

SO COMMENT!!!!!!!!

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