~Sarah's POV~

I pound down the sidewalk, heels of my sneakers smacking the ground as I walk home. Today's been okay, but by the look of my walk, it hasn't.

I've managed to keep her for about a week, without scaring her off or whatever. Her name's Ariedel. She's nice, but there's not much else I can say considering I've only known her a short time.

And won't much longer, either.

I hug my backpack's shoulder strap into my armpit.

I stride into the asphalt driveway, stopping at the doorstep. I pull the key that drapes 'round my neck out of my shirt and push it intot he keyhole, opening it.

I open it to find Ty and Adam huddled around a sheet of paper they laid across the coffee table. "Um," I ask, setting down my backpack beside the door, "aren't you supposed to be like, at work?"

Adam looked up from the sheet, eyebrows raised to avoid obstructing his view, "Had the day off." He said solemly.

I squeezed my way inbetween them on the couch, "So, what are you doing?" I questioned, leaning forward to read the scribbled on paper. "Wedding plans." Ty replied.

I raised an eyebrow, "Like, how it's gonna look and stuff?"

"You got it." Adam said.

"Do you want it indoor our outdoor, Ty?" Adam asked, interrupting me. "Outdoor sounds nice." Ty replied. Ooh, pretty flowers and stuff. Nice.

"I think purple and white would make a nice combo." I say, getting up. "We were comdemplating that." Adam says, jot-noting something in the corner of the paper.

"Let me know if you two lovely ladies need any more help." I say, saluting and leaving to go into my room, leaving the other two alone.

~Ty's POV~

"Well, atleast we're lovely." I say jokingly, shoving Adam a bit. He grunts angrily, but shoves me back playfully. He sets his face in his hands and looks down angrily at the paper, grumbling under his breath.

"Adam?" I ask. He lloks towards me, I can now clearly see the tired in his eyes. "Mhmm?" He mumbles.

"You shouldn't be so stressed. We've got everything pretty much down." I tell him, wrapping my arm around him. "Yeah, I know." He sighs. "It's just... gah. I don't even know. I don't know why I'm so stressed about this. I'm gonna go take a shower and think about things."

He gets up, but not without giving my forehead a kiss.

"Have fun in there." I tell him, waving goodbye. He rolls his eyes and goes into the hallway to grab a towel from the linen closet.

I hear the water in the shower turn on. A small squeal following.

Adam turned it down too much again.

Ugh. Adam. Typical.

"You better not be doing what I think your doing, Adam." Sarah yells from her room. Hysterical laughter from Adam follows.

Oh my god.


hey hey hey.

Guys. It's March. Each month gets about 3 chapters. Their wedding is in June.

This book aint going on to much longer. And no, there's no sequel (sorry, no ideas.)

I WILL, however, be working on my other fanfic, "Minecraft"

I hope you have liked this story so far, and that you continue to read my other stories.



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