Chapter 3

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The next day,

I sat in my crib thinking about this world after yesterday experience with daddy dearest.

In this otome game, the heroine, Eve, worked for the same cooperation as Daddy, following her parents foot step . That is, until she found out who killed her parents. The same organisation who she had been working for, Sky Corp.  Which did not really make any sense to me, you condone killing other humans but not your own parents?

She then joined an organisation called the Wings of Freedom (WOF) which is dedicated to fighting Zombies and destroying Sky Corp.  That is where she meets,

Jade the 2nd son of the head of WOF. He is cocky and likes to tell everyone how strong he is. But everything he says is true. His ability allows him be a Weapon Master.

Air, he is very emotionless and don't smile . He believe his existence is empty and meaningless .  He is the first Son of the head of WOF. His ability allows him to manipulate air.

Jun, the strongest fighter of WOF. He is very strong but gentle and doesn't really speak much. He is the mysterious and silent type basically. His ability allows him have enhance strength.

Prince Lumiere a real life Prince. He is a Prince of one of those country, now cities, that quarantine the outside world. His father sponsored WOF. He is flirtatious and when someone looks into his eye, he will have full control of that person.

Ciel, Runaway Son of the head of Sky Corp. He didn't agree with his family's method and decided to run away when he was like 5. He came back for his childhood friend, the heroine though and ran away together with her again. His ability allows him to constantly be revived.

They are all part of the WOF mission team and makes the strongest company after sky corps.

A/n:Now... Can you guess who is our MC son? Comment who do you think he is and why.

I thought to myself, 'What time line is it? I just hope that it's not the escape of the heroine from Sky Corp timeline because I am in a crib in the company base and from what I know, it was a destructive plot' .


Oh why do I always jinx myself?

"Dada! Dada! " I desperately called out for help.
The door was knocked opened. Daddy did come in... But he was fighting Ciel!

" Why?! Why won't you go all out with me?! " Ciel yelled as he charged forward with a knife .

Daddy didn't reply, he only blocked the attack sent his way.

" Is it because I am his son?! Is it because I was weak?! " Ciel attacked again, this time Daddy attacked back and sent him crashing into the wall.

Ciel's grip on the knife loses as a tear slide down his face.

" T-tell me... Why on that day... Why didn't you kill me... "
The day? Oh~ That day. The day when he escaped SkyCorp.

Daddies grin widen," I have nothing to say to a brat who is always afraid. You know why, you just refuse to accept it. "

" Wa-what do you m-mean.. " Ciel tried standing up with the help of the wall.

" Figure it out yourself ~" Daddy wave a hand at him.

"Now then... " He lifted me up from my crib." Up we go! " He started to walk away with me in his arms but stopped as a rug his sleeves.

" Dada my bankie . " I gestured to my blanket.

" Oh! I nearly forgot! " He picked it up and gave it to me. 

He then walked away with me in his arms. I smiled a little as I saw the heroine run towards the room to meet her childhood friend where she would escape Skycorps together with him. I am guessing she found out about her parents death like about 34 minutes ago.

'How come she gets all the man... ' Was a thought that not only our main character was thinking, but the rest of the girls playing this game.

4 years away from the plot, I am excited to see how this will turn out.

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