Chapter 5

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"I don't know what to get her," Beca said as she and her step mom walked through Target. "We're so alike but so different."

"She likes music right?" Sheila asked and the girl nodded. "You know plenty about music. Find her something cool with that."

"I guess I can try that," Beca shrugged. "Hailee couldn't get a friend to come?"

"No, she's been struggling this year with friends," Sheila sighed.

"Why? She's the greatest kid," Beca said sadly.

"She's quiet," the woman shrugged. "She's fine with us and your friends because she knows us."

"She's been hurt before and she's scared," the brunette said. "It's really sad to see that kids don't try to get to know her."

"She's got you, and your friends are so good to her," Sheila said thankfully.

"Can I talk to her about it? I want to convince her to get herself out there. I know I'm one of the shyest people, but I've found my group and I'm happy."

"Yeah, of course," Sheila smiled. "Beca I really appreciate you taking her under your wing when you were little, even though you were struggling so much yourself. I know you might not realize this but you do so much for her."

"She's my little sister, its my job to give her advice and help her out," Beca shrugged. "I don't care if I'm not biologically related to her, I'm not going to watch her struggle through the same stuff I went through."

"It means so much to me," Sheila said seriously. "Oh hey what about this for Chloe?" she asked, pointing to a journal with music notes on it.

"Oh my gosh she'll love it," Beca smiled. "I'm gonna get her some candy and an iTunes gift card and I'll write her a note in the journal too."

"Aw that's a good idea," Sheila smiled. "You've gotten really close with her really quickly. I'm surprised honestly."

"Thanks," Beca laughed sarcastically. "Jesse convinced me to tell her what happened with Aubrey and she's been so supportive of me wanting to take my time being myself around Bree."

"Is it going well? Is she being a decent person this time around?"

"Yeah," Beca shrugged. "I'm still not entirely comfortable around her but Chloe talked to her and told her to leave me alone."

"That's good," Sheila smiled. "I'm really glad things are working out for you this year."

"Me too," Beca smiled.


"What's your deal?" Hailee asked with a laugh as Beca shuffled into the twelve year old's room.

"Just thinking," Beca shrugged as she plopped down on Hailee's bean bag chair.

"Well can you do that somewhere else? I have homework to finish." Hailee rolled her eyes at her big sister before turning back to her math book.

"How are things going with your friends this year?" Beca asked nonchalantly, picking at her nail.

"What friends?" Hailee muttered as she focused her full attention on her sister.

"No seriously, how are things at school?" Beca wondered.

"Why do you ask?"

"Because you couldn't get anyone to hang out today and your mom told me that things aren't going so well for you lately," the older brunette replied with a sigh.

"No one wants to hang out with me, it's not a big deal," Hailee shrugged. "They don't want to waste their time with the quiet girl."

"Do they talk about you?"

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