Hiro Yama

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Name: Hiro Yama (山浩) {Formerly named: Akira Kashiwa (柏諦)}

Name meaning: Hiro is a unisex name, which in this case is spelled with the kanji 浩 meaning "Prosperous", while also sounding like the Japanese pronunciation of Hero (ヒーロー Hīrō). When paired with his last name, changed to Yama, his full name means "Prosperous Mountains". His former name is also very interesting, as Akira is a well known unisex name in many cultures, but in this case Akira is spelled with the kanji meaning "Abandon, give up" while his last name means "Oak" which was a symbol of Zeus, so his former name could be translated as "Abandon oak" or "Oak of abandonment"

Age: 6-7 Months (First appearance)

Birthday: Somewhere around January-February

Legacy of: Zeus (Paternal side) and Hecate (Maternal side)

Family: Kumo Yama (Adoptive cousin), Midori Yama (Adoptive mother), Aoi, Sora, Kiku and Rei Yama (Adoptive Uncles), Amaterasu Yama (Adoptive Grandmother), Hayabusa Yama (Adoptive Grandfather), Biological parents (unknown, dead)

Weapon: It's assumed by Midori that the bronze double-headed baton, he was found with, was passed down to him as a family weapon

Appearance: When first introduced he was shown covered in filth and dried blood, but even then Kumo stated he looked cute. He surprisingly has a lot of hair in a dark shade of brown and gold cat-like eyes. He wears a range of soft, light baby clothing, including a small, panda onesie, and dark sunglasses to hide his eyes.

Personality: Hiro is a baby of average temperament. Relatively calm for a baby, he enjoys things average babies enjoys, and seems to dislike bright lights, such as the flash on Bopha's Polaroid, which caused him to react by crying. He seems to enjoy any form of music, as he reacted positively to Kumo singing the Heart Sutra.

Abilities: For a baby Hiro has demonstrated quite a few feats, mostly as a reaction to stress and fear, such as when he was stabbed with a needle for a blood test he reacted by crying, causing nearby objects to explode and a electrical outlet to send out extreme shocks of electricity

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