Kumo Yama

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Name: Kumo Yama (山,蜘蛛)

Name meaning: Kumo (蜘蛛) is a rather ironic name for a son of Athena as the kanji is read to mean Spider, his name is derived from Jorogumo a spider yokai which seduces men and can be spelled as 絡新婦 (Binding bride) or 女郎蜘蛛 (Whore spider). While Yama (山) means mountain, so his name 山蜘蛛 means "Mountain Spider"

Age: 14 (First appearance)

Birthday: April 15

Godly parent: Athena (Legacy of Aphrodite)

Family: Kiku Yama (Father, dead), Midori Yama (Aunt), Aoi, Sora, and Rei Yama (Uncles), Amaterasu Yama (Grandmother), Hayabusa Yama (Grandfather)

Weapon: Ninjato, shuriken, kunai and kusarigama

Appearance: Kumo is of average height and a androgynous build with a well groomed appearance. He has natural red hair that goes down his back with bangs that frame his face and grayish brown eyes that are bright and enticing. On the back of his neck is a tattoo of his family's crest, which is three gray and red overlapping mountains, which is usually hidden by his gakuran which is mostly unchanged except for the bushido code that is embroidered on the back of his coat and the inside of his coat is altered to hold some of his weapons. Kumo is often referred as a bishounen a term meaning "Beautiful boy" but other times as a insult he's called Shota-loli, basically calling him a sexually promiscuous effeminate boy

Personality: Kumo is a talented yet humble young man, being the top of his class, creating the finest art and just making everything beautiful. He becomes embarrassed easily and is described by his aunt as being simplistic, gentle, and honest, as well seeming rather adult-like. Kumo is rather talkative and enjoys conversations but only if he starts it. Although he enjoys onsens and saunas, he's not allowed to be in there for too long or else he'll fall asleep

Likes- Onsens, saunas, stealth games, Shinto shrines, Yakiniku
Dislikes- Green bell peppers, cold baths, limited materials

Abilities: Since he's still a demigod he has ADHD and dyslexia, making it difficult for him to read complicated kanji, he even confesses that he has a hard time reading his name. As a son of Athena, goddess of wisdom, war and crafts, and a legacy of Aphrodite, goddess of beauty, he uses these to his advantage, using tactics that shinobi use, such as espionage. He favors speed and stealth over strength, and uses his appearance as a legacy of Aphrodite to his advantage, seducing opponents to spare his life or to give up secrets/information.

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