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"Why aren't the magazines on the table?"
Kate asked with a cocked brow.
"Um, I forgot to tell you I cleaned them up."
"I thought we were supposed to do that together."
I shrugged.
"I got a head start."
"Whatever, just another thing off my plate."
"Kate your plate is clean. What are you talking about your schedule is pure bliss."
"Not anymore, I got the job."
"Really?! Oh Kate that's incredible! Congrats!"
"Thanks Lynn."
I tackle her to the ground with a hug.
"At least one of us is living our dream."
"Lynn shut up! Your dream is in the amazing process of becoming true!"
"Haha. The interview is tomorrow. I'm so nervous!"
"You'll do great! I'm sure the boss will be nice to you."
"But Kate this is the CEO we're talking about. Not just anyone."
"Like I told you the first time be calm, cool, and collected. And don't fall on your ass."
She winks.
Mr. Dolan will see you now.
"Ok. Thanks." I say.
I take some deep breaths and open the door the Mr.Dolan's office.
His office was amazing. The color palette was white, black, and gray. Mr.Dolan's desk was in front of a huge window that covered the entire wall. The best view in the office was definitely him.
"Lynn Rowe?" Mr.Dolan says in his deep beautiful voice.
"You're applying for the marketing division. See our last head of that department is now doing publicity for Netflix. And that job is much easier than this one. As you can imagine, those are some pretty tough shoes to fill."
"So it seems." I say trying not to sound as terrified as I am.
"Jake gave you a good review. He told me there is no reason why I shouldn't hire you. But let me ask you this, why should I hire you?"

You could smell the tension in the huge office. A little girl (me) sitting in a lonesome chair, in front of the biggest desk with a man who could break my nonexistent career within seconds.

"Mr.Dolan I know I don't have experience. All, I have is a degree. I will work hard. Not only for you but for the team, for this company's reputation. I will be here everyday giving you 110% of everything I've got. I will bring new ideas and new methods of marketing that will set your company apart from everyone other one. Take a chance on me."
His eyes were looking completely through me.
"Ok. You have the job."
"Oh my goodness thank you so much!"
I said smiling and running out of the office. Then I went back into Mr.Dolan's office completely embarrassed.
"I am so sorry I completely forgot my manners."
I shook Mr.Dolan's hand properly thanked him again and then left. I walked out of the building feeling like a million dollars.
I took out my phone.
"Hey you'll never believe what just happened..."

Oh my god I am so sorry for not updating in 6 months. And bro I named Lynn's brother Finn before I watched stranger things and fell in love with Finn wolfhard... maybe it's a sign?

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