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*Language Advisory*
Lynn's pov
*knock knock*
No response.
"Kate the door!"
"Geez hold on!"
*Opens door*
"Hey sis."
"Finn what are you doing here?!"
I pull him into an awkward hug cause he has bags in his hands.
"Can't I visit my big sister?"
"Of course you can but, I could have used to a phone call cause you know..."
I gesture to the messy apartment.
"Oh Lynnie I don't care. But this is a nice place you got here."
"Thanks. You should see it when it looks nice." I laugh.
"So where's your partner in crime?" Finn asks.
"She's out on a date, I think. I don't really know but she's not here. And when she isn't here she is usually out with her boyfriend."
"Could Bryan be the one?!" Finn says in a high pitched squeal.
"Shut up I don't know." I roll my eyes.
"How's mom and dad?"
"Pshhh I don't know I haven't talked to them in a while."
He's avoiding eye contact.
Finally he did something wrong.
"The perfect child did something wrong?"
"What the hell is that supposed mean
"No. What do you mean?"
"This is stupid, I haven't seen you in 7 months and we're fighting like we're teenagers."
"You think I'm perfect?"
There is awkward silence that stenches the air.
"The truth? Yes."
"Oh please. I am not perfect. School has been hard lately. And I was hoping to you could give me some advice, but obviously I'm perfect so I can't make any mistakes."
"Shut up Finn, that's not what I meant I am always here for you."
"It's just this pressure Lynn, I can't handle it. From school and sports, you, mom and dad, my emotions are on an all time high."
"I'm sorry Finn."
"No you're not."
"Excuse me?"
"You're not sorry. You are here having fun living your life while I'm just existing. It SUCKS! And I'm sick of it."
He shoves all the magazines off the dining table.
"Finn. You need to clam down. Stop feeling so sorry for yourself."
"I'm so sick of you feeling sorry for yourself when you're doing great! You're the one in the family that got into Stanford and I'm happy for you. You're 20 now. You're doing what you love and all you do is whine and complain how hard life is for you. GROW UP. BE A FUCKING ADULT."
"Screw you Lynn."
"You know what? Get. Out. You came here for sympathy. You're not going to get it from me. Go cry to mom she's loves it when you do that."
"Fine I'm out of here. Don't expect me around anymore you bitch."
*Door Slams*
The picture by the door crashes down to the floor, breaking the glass.
I sweep up the glass.
Conveniently, the picture was of a dog Kate printed out from the internet, so I just toss it.
I try to fix the scratch on the wood so Kate doesn't get mad at me, and we don't get fined.

Finn has always been a dick , but I never expected things to go this far
We have never gotten along.
Siblings don't have to be friends.
Maybe this was inevitable.

Whoa. That was kinda hard to write. Sorry for the strong language, I used it to get the point across. Lynn and Finn are adults in this book so it is somewhat appropriate for them to use this language.
Hope you enjoyed!

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