Chapter 7

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Roses POV :
I never thought I would tell Dimitri I would hate him. I didn't mean to say it and especially didn't mean it at all. I just.. all I felt was anger. I never thought Dimitri would so blindly beat up a boy because he was talking to me and not only that but my brother let him. I was under a big oak tree, all I can hear was the breeze and some birds chirping. It felt so nice outside, I would be enjoying this if I didn't feel so guilty.

" I hate you Dimitri Edwards!"

.."I never want to see you again!!"

Is all I can hear in my mind. However I was still angry and hurt, he blamed me for what he did!.

"This is your fault!"

"Your fault"

.."Mine" I whispered

I couldn't hold in the tears in anymore. I let them run down my face, "Ugh!..." I put my face in my hands,why do I feel so guilty yet so angry. I mean Dimitri didn't need to beat Micheal to a bloody pulp. My phone vibrated causing me to look down.

"Where are you? We are going home. Now."

Home? But I don't want to go home. I won't go home, I came to school for a reason. I may be being a brat but they can't just boss me around. My father told them to keep an eye on me but they won't make me do things I don't want to do. I stood up and texted Luca back,

Rose 🌹
"Nope, I'm going to class see you later"

"Thats right rose, don't back down." I encourage myself I put my phone in silent. I took a deep breath in clean up my lose tears and made my way to the building.

* 2nd Period *

I open the door to Mrs. Hills class, the door closing with a loud bang behind me. Everyone turn to face me causing me to blush in embarrassment.

"May I help you dear?" Mrs. Hills said while standing in front of the white board. It was full of math terms and a few examples.

" new, I'm new, I got lost so that's why I'm a few minutes late" I explain to her. Mrs. Hill gave me a small smile, and nodded in understanding. She looked very young, maybe 23 or 24. She had short black hair with tan skin, she was tall 5'8 and was dress in a formal but comfy manner.

"I understand, well you can sit in the front if you like. Right next to jasmine and Luca over there. She said pointing to the last row. Luca was behind the empty seat and jasmine was right next to it. I make my way to my seat trying not to make eye contact with my brother so I smiled at jasmine. She seem excited to see me. Before I sat down, Mrs. Hill spoke,

"Before you sit down dear may you please introduce yourself to the class?"

"Um, sure, I'm Emma Rose De León" I say with a smile. Gasp and small whispers start to go around the room.

" oh! Any relation to Luca De León?" The teacher ask
I nodded in agreement."I'm his sister actually"

Mrs. Hill mouth drop, and the class went silent. Did they not know Luca had a sister I thought. By the way everyone was looking at me answered my question. I sit down slow, I didn't like eyes on me and soon grew nervous and shy. Luca clearly notice,

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