SPECIAL Hyun woo + Jungkook

Start from the beginning

-jeon jungkook

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-jeon jungkook

*when BTS and Lee Hyun Woo take a vacation*


"Hoseok Hyung likes me more! He smiles and laughs with me!"
I yell at Hyun Woo because he thinks he's the shit

"You dumbass! He does that with everyone, that's the type of person he is!"

"But he cares for me more, and he's known me more!"

"But we're closer in age difference and he actually carried me in bridal style from the last chapter after I was pushed by someone in the haunted house"

You guys, I get it why you're fighting....Hoseok is da bomb, but don't break the 4th wall. It's taken too much damage, you might even make it collapse, and then the titans will make Mikasa and Levi do all the work while Eren screams about how he'll kill all the titans. You dont want that to happen, do you?

I paused...then looked at Hyun Woo who had the same confused expression as me

I broke the conversation of us staring back at each other with what-the-hell-faces. "What is she talking about?"

"Who knows? She's just crazy"

How do you know I'm a she? You punk

Shaking my head, I said, "Stop it! We'll do this some other day/chapter, but not today"

Before Hyung Woo and I could continue our worthless bickering cause we all know who won (ME!), Hoseok Hyung arrived.

"What are you guys fighting about?"

"Ummmm- heheheh. I like EXO and Hyun Woo likes Got7, and I like GDragon and he likes Zico"

Hoseok then put his fingers up to his chin, "hmmmm, you guys should go out on a date!"

"Whut" we both asked out of shock

"You know, like a friendly date"

"Hoseok hyung, you could've just said for us to hang out for a day, Jesus, you almost gave me a heart attack when you said date"

" I agree with Jungkook, and I dont think we should have a 'date' "

"Yeah, Hyun Woo has the right idea! I finally agree with him! As you can see, we're no longer fighting!"

We then put our arms around each other and smiled brightly at Hoseok.

"Well....if you guys are such great friends, you won't mind on hanging out with each other"

Both of our mouths were wide open......we fell right into that trap.

"Close your mouths, you'll catch flies"



*after Hoseok doing aegyo to convince us*

We were walking through town, and we found an ice cream truck. While Hyun Woo and I were looking at the flavors, I heard a crash coming from inside the truck.

What the-

Finally, we were ready to order and I saw the truck door open with Hoseok wearing a mustache giving us our ice cream.

*sweat drops* so that's why there was a crashing noise.

For some reason, Hyung Woo kept on talking on and on about the weather, and I went eye shopping to get something for Hoseok.

What to get him, would he like rings? I think that's okay.

My trance of thoughts were cut off when Hyun Woo tapped my shoulder.

"Hoseok called me, we should leave"

" No, we shouldn't. Wait, he called you?" I didn't know what I was doing but it was like I was throwing a tantrum.

Before he could retort, I ran away from him, and listened to my music from under a tree.
And I was interrupted with the rain pouring down.

"Shit! I didn't know this was going to happen!" 
I ran for cover and suddenly got a phone call from Hoseok.

HOSEOK: Where are you guys? You have to come quickly!

JUNGKOOK: why? What's so important? A little rain doesn't hurt anybody

HOSEOK: Hyun Woo is scared of the thunder

JUNGKOOK: I left him....I left him, oh my god! He's probably out there looking for me!

Hoseok didn't respond because I already dropped my phone searching for him.
(The poor phone, what did he...I mean, what did it do to you?)

While I was running, I remember the him talking, giving me hints about his fear.

"The clouds are looking pretty gray, I think it might rain soon"

The urgency in his voice when he said he wanted to go back home...and I just rejected him. I- I hurt him.

The closest place near me was an old church, and when I went inside, I saw Hyun Woo crawled up in a ball, covering his ears.

And every time the thunder roared, he cried out a little.

I walked up to him and sat down, wrapping the blanket around us. You may be asking, how did I get the blanket?

Anime- *ahem* fanfic magic.

After that, I gave him my headphones to block out the noise.....and we just sat there, in the old abandoned church, waiting for the sound of rain stop.

I grabbed his hands, gave him a little squeeze and whispered, "I'm sorry"

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