Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

Nora's POV

I've been tossing and turning in my bed for the past three hours, struggling to fall asleep. But every time I close my eyes I see his face. Daniel's face. Why didn't he text me back? What was he doing all day and how could he have forgotten about me? Then I slowly begin to realize something as I lie on my back in my bed. Maybe Daniel doesn't really care about me at all. Maybe I was just some stupid girl to him that he just wanted to try out. I bet if we weren't forced to complete this chemistry project together he wouldn't give a damn about me. It hurts to even think this but, hey, the truth hurts. I'd rather just accept the truth though than be ignored by him and be blinded by false hopes.

Deciding that I once again, couldn't fall asleep on my back, I flip over onto my left side. I'm facing my nightstand and that's when I see my phone light up. Confused, I reach out my arm and grasp it with my right hand and stare at the lock screen. The text is from...

I'm coming over now! I'll text you when I'm at your door! :)

The text is from Daniel. My heart flutters a little and I can't help but feel relieved. Even though it was past midnight, not the typical time someone decides to stop by your house, this is a special exception. I think. For a few seconds I lay there in my bed, waiting for him to text me again. The wait is killing me. I feel like I haven't seen him in a million years even though its only been six days. Then I suddenly remember that I should probably get dressed in normal clothes or at least some sweats. Usually I just wear Victoria's Secret pajama pants to bed and an undershirt and bra. But I can't answer the door in these clothes, especially wearing no make up and without brushing my hair a little!

So I get out of bed and go into the bathroom next to my room and brush out my wavy blond hair. I then brush my teeth again just in case and rinse with mouth wash. I feel like I'm getting ready for school even though its the middle of the night and just one person is coming over. But this isn't just one person. This is Daniel, who's like a million people to me in one. After putting on a little mascara and Chapstick, I change into yoga pants and a loose pink T-shirt and creme colored sweater from Forever 21. I study myself in the full length mirror one last time, hoping I look semi decent and sure enough, a few seconds later I get the text from him.

I'm here! You can open your front door.

My heart beats faster and faster as I walk down the front hallway and towards the door. I take one last calming deep breath before opening the door. And there he is. Standing only a few inches away from me. His dark brown eyes are gleaming and his face is lit up by the moon and the stars in the sky behind him. He has something tucked underneath his arm but I don't feel like asking what it is. Instead I step aside to let him in without any words spoken or even a simple "hello." Right as I close the front door behind me, I feel him touch my arm and a shiver crawls up my spine. I let him take my hands in his and almost instantly I feel his lips brush against mine. I hear something drop to the floor, probably whatever he was holding before, but I don't bother to open my eyes. I instead let him steer me towards the living room, my lips still locked on his and soon I feel the soft fabric of the couch beneath me. Daniel meanwhile, spreads apart his knees and lets my legs go underneath his and he proceeds to kiss me slowly and deeply. His chest just barely touches mine and I run my hands up and down his shirt. I then decide to dare myself and reach my hands up his shirt and his chest feels surprisingly cold. He suddenly grabs my hand and presses it hard against his rib. I feel his whole body shuddering against me and I grasp the back of his neck and continue to kiss him, this time a little more messily than before. He doesn't really seem to care though and he lets me give him a hickey on his neck. I then touch the purplish reddish mark on his neck and smile, admiring my work. I'm about to kiss him again when he says in a low voice, "Nora."

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