Lone Wolf

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A night's sleep help restore order to Kai's mind. Nightmares had an odd tendency to do that for him. Maybe it was because, after a night of living the horrible, he was better able to deal with the somehow less horrible reality.

It was the familiar grind of blades that woke him. Tala was already up and leaning against their bunk, arms crossed as he watched a small gathering of assassins in the middle of the room. Two girls had let their blades loose, though their blades weren't the usual black, but the silver-gray of something else. Naturally, the obsidian assassins blades, while perfect for invisible kills on flesh and out running anything short of a bullet, they weren't fit for repetitive beybattles.

Kai watched them while he took stock of all the various aches of his body. His arm had fallen asleep from having used it as a pillow all night. One of the girls had short cut blond hair. All the girls had short cut hair, but the light color brought Ayah drifting up to his mind, swathed in her long rivers of white.

He sat up. "Do you know of the girl Cain has with him? Long hair, creepily pretty."

Tala glanced at him, then looked back to the battle. A few other assassins watched from their beds with laptops on their laps. The lighting of the room had improved a bit, but not by much.

"Think Darrin said something about that. She walked into that den of his five days ago and hasn't been seen since. You know her?"

"Hn." Kai pulled his beybelt around to check through his gear. "His den, you mean that room in the back of the cafeteria, the one he retreated to last night?"

Tala snorted. "Not many rooms in this place to confuse it with." Then he shrugged. "No one's been back there except the nerd girl. She comes out for food, but that's it. Then the door locks automatically behind them, and it's a metal monstrosity, that one. Makes you think he's afraid of us or something."

"We do kill things."

They watched the girls' beyblades bounce about each other for a bit in silence. The girls didn't seem too intent on attacking one another or training. Even as Kai watched, he couldn't help but think the two were finding some odd comfort in their duel and wanted it to last for as long as possible. The onlookers didn't seem too keen on it to end either. They occasionally said a word to those around them, but otherwise said nothing.

"Some say there's a back exit in there," said Tala in something barely above a whisper.

That would make sense. Having only one exit in this damn place would essentially make it a giant cement coffin. Not even Tyson would be stupid enough to design an underground bunker like that. But Cain would be the only one interested in surviving should anything happen, and keeping only one exit to them made it easier to watch them.

"He sounds lazy," said Kai.

"Yes," confirmed Tala.

This was good. The creature's profile was becoming clearer. Impatient, lazy, perverted, egotistic, and obviously uncaring to the death of humans.

"Is this room bugged?" Kai asked.

Tala snorted. "What would be the point?"

Granted. "But keeping that door lock implies—"

"Implies he doesn't want us getting into his stuff or bugging him while he's on the john," said Tala, his tone gone harsh. "He controls the air, Hiwatari—"

"And assassin's blades are designed to cut through it," said Kai patiently—he just wanted knowledge, after all, and you always had to start with asking the stupid questions. "What's stopping someone from taking a pot shot at him?"

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