Chapter (42)

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Amber's Point of View

Ever wanted to just hide from the world? Pull the covers up and pretend that you have disappeared from the world? I don't usually, but today that was exactly what I wanted to do, because I didn't want to have to face today.

Did I think something would happen today? Well no not really. I just simply did not want to get up. Because right now, everything was how I liked it. One could say it was perfect.

I finally had Jax, and though I would never admit it to a living soul, I really had deep feelings for the guy. It was an overwhelming, gut wrenching, bring me to my knees sort of love.

"Amber, get out of bed alright," Jax said as he pushed me again, and I clenched the blankets around me tighter.

"NO!" my voice was muffled under the blankets "Just come back to bed."

"Don't make me pull you out!" I heard the snigger in his voice.

"Do it and you're dead."

Jax went silent and I knew that only meant one thing - trouble for me. "Jax?" a few more minutes passed and I tried to listen for movement, but there was nothing.

I squealed when the blankets were suddenly ripped off, my grip not having a chance against his.

"I hate you!" I flipped over onto my back and glared up at him.

"School; leaving in ten minutes." Smirking, his eyes raked my body. "Better put some more clothes on too."

"PERV!" I threw a pillow in his direction. He easily walked out of the room and closed the door behind him.

I groaned loudly. looks like I would be facing the day after all.


I always beleived that whatever I did didn't really matter. Like no one really cared, boy had I been wrong.

"That's it." I slammed my locker shut. "Get away from me."

Jax rolled his eyes at me, and took the books from my hand. "Amber, get over it."

"I'll get over it when people stop staring at us!" I shot a dirty look at the girls across the hall who were eyeballing us. "Seriously it's not that big of a deal."

"Who said they are staring at you?" Jax smirked at me, "They are just checking me out."

"Yeah couldn't get a tight enough t shirt?" I glanced up and down his body again. I swear that black t shirt was just designed to define each of his rather well-crafted abnormal muscles, and to tease the hell out of me.

Jax moved in closer, his lips just touching my eye lobe. "Don't worry Amber, you can take it off tonight."

I whacked his arm immediately. "Please! As if your body is all I think about."

"So what were you enjoying last night?"

"Just shut it," I hissed under my breath. "They will hear you, and that won't help anything, will it."

Jax sniggered. "Come on, give me your hand."

I pulled it quickly behind my back, away from him "No." I was sick of people staring at us, for god's sake, had they never seen a couple before?

Ever since I got off Jax's bike this morning and held his hand, we had become the school's only source of entertainment. Or maybe someone had plastered a 'stare at me sign' on me, and I hadn't seen it.

"Give me your hand!" He went to reach around me, and just missed it. "Amber..."

"No, and while we are at it, hand my books over."

"Why do you care about what others think?" Jax held my books behind his back. "Embarrassed of me?"

My eyes narrowed instantly; I knew what he was playing at. I didn't care what others thought of us, I just didn't like being stared at like a zoo animal. "You know that isn't it."

"Whatever you say," Jax said, handing my books over to me as he shrugged; but his job was done. He had already stirred the demon inside of me.

Grinding my teeth, my eyes flickered to the circle of girls who were hovering across from us, still staring. The anger was boiling inside of, and I felt myself ready to explode. Didn't they know who they were staring at for heaven's sake? They had once feared me! I shot an annoyed look at Jax.

It was his fault for being so damn popular.

A glance from a passing football player sent me off the edge.

"STOP FUCKING LOOKING AT US!" I roared through the hall. Everyone in the hall stopped, and looked at me, each one of the stupid twits had a stunned expression. "Jax and I are together, now get the heck over it! If I see one more person even glance in our direction I can PROMISE you it will be the last thing you DO!"

The threat in my voice was deadly, and it would scare anyone in their right mind. Let's be honest, any crazy woman screaming in the middle of the hall would scare someone.

"Smooth," Jax's muttered behind me, and I looked over my shoulder at him. He was holding his laughter in.

"Someone has to be the man in this relationship," I hissed back at him, before noticing that everyone was still frozen. "What the heck are you waiting for?" I snapped at them. "Move on!"

Students' eyes snapped to the ground as they walked past me, and slowly conversation began to rebuild.

"Way to strike fear in the hearts of our peers Amber." Jax reached out and grabbed my hand. "Come on babe; let me get you to class before you scare anyone else."

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