My Stripper.

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The flustered young brunette awkwardly runs her hand through her caramel locks as she sits at the bar of the tacky strip club seeming out of place. She looks down at her drink contemplating if she should glance up and immediately become flustered or continue staring aimlessly at her Pepsi. She had been visiting for about five days straight and she still couldn't get used to the loud booming erotic music or the clear thick scent of alcohol, smoke and even the arousal of the horny old men sitting front and center of the platforms. The brunette cringe when she spots one man put his hand in his pants.

Dancing Dames is one of many strip clubs in the brunette's residual area. Though it has to be one of the most successful businesses in this industry. It was fairly large with the typical club interior with the exception of a few tables and booths in case the customer would like something to eat while watching the voluptuous women on the tiny platforms. The bar has to be the main attraction, serving alcoholic to non-alcoholic beverages which cater for any of the client's wishes. She would have worked here as a waitress to pay for her college tuition, but her parents immediately disagreed out of fear that someone would take advantage of their daughter's innocence and naivete. Being the good girl she was, the brunette didn't argue and instead found a waitressing job at a nearby Starbucks.

The bright multicolored strobe lights blur the brunette's vision as she questions her decision of coming here once more. She felt so out of place, even the bartender has been giving her funny looks, almost as if to say 'What are you doing here, kid?'.Luckily no one has made an attempt to question her motives. If it was up to her she wouldn't be here, but ever since she was dragged here a few nights ago by her mischievous best friend, Sarah, she felt compelled to return.

The service was great, the place was decent and the girls were all decent looking, but it wasn't that which forces the brunette to continuously make an appearance. Embarrassingly, it was a woman. Not just any woman, but a raven-haired girl who not only seemed to gain the attention of every recipient but was the very essence of a sex goddess.The very well known stripper known as simply 'A'.Ever since the brunette first laid eyes on the woman, she felt a strange sense of nostalgia she didn't understand and an overwhelming amount of attraction. After the night she first locked gazes with those deep emerald green orbs she couldn't resist the temptation of visiting again. It was as if an emotion she had no idea existed had just been unlocked.

There were many other strippers with the same godly looks and desirable figures, but 'A' seemed to have a special radiance that the brunette could not ignore. Her friends have been continuously teasing her saying that she has fallen in love with someone she barely knew, but somewhere deep down the brunette feels as if she knows this enticing woman, she just couldn't name from where.

Guiltily, she always takes the barstool closest to the platform where the long translucent pole is extended and the green-eyed goddess does her enchanting dance. She tries to avoid staring at all cost but she can't help but take subtle glances in her peripheral vision. As always the green-eyed goddess wears little that leaves to the imagination. Her raven locks are set free cascading comfortably down her shoulders, while her creamy skin radiates under all the strobe lights and her emerald gaze is more apparent by the thick layer of black eyeliner, mascara, and a smokey eye that all seems to be perfectly done. As for her outfit, the brunette has to stop herself from gawking at her voluptuous figure that is made clear by the simple black bodice she's wearing. Along with that is a pair of booty shorts that barely cover her well-endowed butt, the almost transparent fishnets, and black stilettos are what is really making the brunette flustered each time she accidentally glances at her shapely legs.

The brunette gulps as she finally decides to look up only to find the green-eyed goddess smirking while doing her seductive dance clearly knowing the effects she's having on the recipients. She bites her lip as she watches the goddess gently sway her hips to the booming music that the brunette doesn't actually care for. Thankfully tonight isn't striptease night. Suddenly the goddess looks straight at the brunette, which causes the latter's heart rate to pick up and breath hitch dramatically. She feels herself being sucked in the deep pools of green as they stare intensely back at her own dull grey eyes.'A' quickly averts her gaze seeming unaffected by their little stare off which causes the brunette to frown at the lack of effect she has on the woman.

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