Chapter 21 | | Oh Honey...

Finally, Friday had arrived. Not just any Friday but the Friday as in "the last day of school before vacation" - Friday. Yay.

No school.

No annoying teachers.

No everything that would cause me to slap everyone in the face.

As I stepped out of the school building, I took a deep breath. The scent of newly cut grass approached me as a sudden feeling of satisfaction overcame me. A mild breeze was fluttering through my hair while stepping home. My mom told me to get home as soon as possible because they'll drop me of at my mom's friends house right away.

The sun was high up at the sky, submerging the street and houses in its light. I still haven't given up the hope that next week won't be that bad but I must admit that I'm not that much of a lucky person. The universe is never on my side when it comes to those things but I got pretty much used to it. Slandering down the streets, I enjoyed the sunny spring weather and decided to make a little detour, just to show a bit of appreciation to the for the nice weather.

I took a turn into my street and saw people hustling around a car, standing seemingly in front of my house. It was pretty hard to clearly gather anything because I was still too far away. As I drew closer to my house I saw that the car was, in fact, Mark's car. My mom loaded here luggage in it and closed the trunk.

Are they leaving without me ?!

I sprinted the few metres which were separating me from my house. Fortunately, Mark went back inside, giving me more time to figure out what was going on.

"Mom!", I yelled breathlessly. I'm so out of shape, it's not even funny anymore.

"Oh, Sofía. I did not expect you to be that early.", she said surprised while I was still fully occupied with not coughing my lunges out.

"Why are you already leaving ? How am I supposed to get to your friends house ? I don't even know where they live.", I leaned against the car.

"Oh that's not much of a problem. Olivia told me that her son is going to pick you up in an hour. Besides, I figured out that you already know where they live because my friend happened to be the mother of the girl you were babysitting. "

"Mom, I have not babysat a..."

Ohhhhhhhh, I'm in deep shit...

What are the odds that Noah's mom happened to be a colleague and a friend of my mom ?!

"I was at first worried about you, not being able to get involved with your new, temporary living situation but when Olivia told me that you already know each other, I was very relieved to know that you'll be staying with a friend of yours.", Mark stepped out of the house, down the stairs with a two bags and threw them on the backseat.

A friendship is not quite what I would call what is going on between me and Noah but I figure that it would be pointless to correct her. She gave me a kiss on the forehead and got in the car.

"Take care of yourself and don't do anything I would not do.", she said, waving out of the leaving car.

I sighed. Now, it's just me, myself and I.

Ok. I have an hour until Noah arrives which means I need to hurry since I had not started packing yet. Rushing up to my room, I quickly jumped under the shower. The cold water was just perfectly refreshing after such a long school day. As I got out of the shower, the scent of raspberries and vanilla spread in my bathroom and I felt like in one of those really fancy Herbal Essences commercial's. I thought about applying as a model for one of those commercials but unfortunately, my hair is too short and not fancy enough for that. However, the real deal breaker is that my ability of smelling dramatically at a shampoo bottle is quite limited. I mean, they seem to enjoy inhaling that odour a little too much, if you know what I mean...

After getting dressed, I just took half of my entire closet and threw it in my suitcase. Since it was really warm outside, I decided to wear jeans shorts with a white top and a blue white checked cardigan. Looking at my suitcase which was a complete mess, I tried to fit everything in as well as possible but failed miserably.

Why does packing a suitcase look always so easy when my mom does it ? She manages to stick in her clothes, her cosmetics, her books, probably even the couch, half of the kitchen and our lawn mower.

Brushing my knotted hair, I heard the Noah's car pulling up the driveway. Damn. Hurriedly, I dragged my suitcase down the stairs as I heard the door bell ring.

"You are late.", I huffed. His light brown was perfectly styled except for some streaks, hanging down his forehead, partly covering his shiny brown coloured eyes.

"Are you done checking me out, Princess ?", he said wearing his typical "I'm too awesome to be real"- smirk. My heart was racing very fast but I just tried to ignore it and carried it off well.

"No, actually not. Could you turn around ? I haven't thoroughly examined your back yet", his smirk turned into a laugh. "Good one, cupcake. Now get ready or I'll make you walk.", turning around, he approached his car.

"Aren't you going to help me ?", I glared at him with my arms crossed.

"Nah. I'm sure you'll be able to do it yourself. I thought you were a strong and emancipated woman ? Me helping you would totally ruin your reputation and we don't want that to happen, do we ?", he said sarcastically.

"Canchero.", I hissed. "What does that mean ?"

"Google it.", I rolled my eyes and stormed back into the house, took my suitcase and carried it outside. After I had finally reached the car and threw it onto the back seat, I got in and we started driving.

Spring Break has not even started and Noah is already annoying the crap out of me. Is it so hard to be polite and help other people ? The worst thing is that he is really hot when he does this smirking and winking stuff and his eyes...

They are like honey, literally. Not only because of their beautiful colour but also because once you are stuck, it is hard to escape.

Focus, Sofía ! This is neither the right time nor the right place nor the right guy to drool over. I'll just keep being sarcastic until he is so annoyed that he'll stop talking to me. I have to admit that this is the worst plan I ever came up with.

Well, if Plan A doesn't work out, I still have twenty-five letters to go for....


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