Later On That Day*Around 12:30pm*

Kortni:(on the phone) Yeah....Hell yeah...ok...sure..ok...idc. Ok..bye! (hangs up)

Prince:Who was that?

Kortni:None of ur business.

Prod:Come on. Who was it?

Kortni:My cousin Marnisha. She's coming over with her friend.

Maya:Is it a boy?!

Prince:Why you care?

Maya:Shhhhh! Answer my question.



Emerald:What's wrong with having a boy here?

Maya:It's because no one could resist how good-looking I am so MarMar "friend" probably gon be flirting with me.

Keanna:Have you forgot that Prince is here? You know damn well that Prince ain't gon let no one come near you.

Kortni:Damn, Maya you is one conceited bitch.

Maya:1)Don't call me a bitch unless you wanna die. 2)No I'm not.

Ray:Anyway,babe when are they coming?

Kortni:Around 2:00.

Roc:Wow. Would've been nice to tell us like 5 hours ago.

Maya:Man shut up. You act like you actually got things to do.

Roc:I do.

Emerald:Really? What's that?

Roc:(whispers in her ear) It had 2 do with you me and our lips.

Emerald:(gasps) OMG! Karaoke?!?!

Roc:(puts head in hands)

Emerald:I was playing boo. Damn, I ain't stupid.

Prod:Anyway, who wants to play Madden?

Guys:Me! (all go and sit in front of TV)

Kortni:They have no life.

Keanna:Tell me about it.

Maya:(pops lips) Soooo...what we gon do before they get here?

Emerald:Let's go get some icecream.

Keanna:Cool with me. I'm in the mood for some cupcake flavor with hot fudge and m&m's. :D

(A/N:It's a yogurt place in Los Angeles named "Nubi". They have some bomb flavors! Google it and see if something comes up)

Maya:Ooo. Let's go. I want the same exact flavor. You a copycater.

Emerald:(rolls eyes) BYE GUYS!

Ray:Where y'all going?


Maya:No we are NOT getting y'all nothing.


Kortni:Lazy bitches.

(They all walk out the house)

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*At Nubi*

Maya:Mmmmmm. It smells good in here.(runs to the place where the big cups for frozen yogurt Is)

Emerald:I swear she's a little kid in a grown body.

Kortni:You know she's fat too.

Keanna:(laughs while walking to the frozen yogurt section)

Emerald:What flavor are u getting?

Kortni:Cookies and cream is my ULTIMATE favorite so u already know I'm getting that.

(Maya @ the place where's she's buying her flavor)

Maya:Oo shit hold on. I have to put some cookies and butterfinger bits in here. (takes her yogurt and is going to the sweet section when someone bumps into her)

Maya:What the actual fuck? You almo-(looks in his eyes)

(It's Lil Twist-her ex from 5 years ago)

Lil Twist-(puts hands on face and pulling it up) Maya?

Maya:Omg! Chris?!

Lil Twist:Yeah. Remember me?

Maya:Yeah. Aren't you my ex?!

Lil Twist:Uh huh. Wow you got sexy.

Maya:I know.

Kortni:(paying for her yogurt talking to Emerald and Keanna) Ooo who is that boy Maya talking too?

Keanna:I don't know. But lowkey he's cute.

Emerald:Hahaha. Oooo. I'm telling Prod.

Keanna:No the fuck you not.

Kortni:(laughs) Wonder what they talking bout. See ya. (goes over there wit Maya)

*Blah blah everybody talked to Lil Twist and now their on way home.*

(At home)

Prod:(Eating Keanna's icecream while she's in the bathroom)

Ray:Dang Prod, by the time she comes out, it ain't gon be none left.


Keanna:(coming out) Prod! Stop eating all my icecream!!!!!! (goes towards him and pushes his head away from the bowl and snatches the bowl and spoon from him)