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Sunlight kisses the strands of Daehyun's lashes and he opens his eyes from irritation.
The sun rose quite quick.

His old room was a little cramped for him now that he's older, although the condition was relatively alright; limited cracks on the walls, a whisk of spider webs by the ceiling and a pair of rusty windows. Aside from those, everything seemed to be in tact.
He had a rather big bed when he was eight so it wasn't that much of a hassle either.

He reached for his phone and found that it had already been ten in the morning despite feeling as if he had only slept for five minutes. Crazy how time flew at the venue of his past.

He can't lie though.
It felt like five minutes, but it was absolutely not peaceful.
He kept feeling cold and it weirded him out because even if the windows were old and rusty and unappealing, they were definitely closed. His air conditioner wasn't even in working condition.

"Daehyun! It's about time you get down from there!" His mother had yelled from downstairs.
"Coming, mom.."
He groggily got up and wiped his face with his sleeves, pacing down the stairs.

"What took you so long?" Sunhwa had her hair in a neat bun and was juggling all kinds of ingredients into the pan.
"I overslept. And sheesh mom.
What are all those ingredients for? Aren't you just making pancakes?"
His mom rolled her eyes playfully.
"Oh honey, would it kill you to see me experiment and actually try to make breakfast more interesting?"

Daehyun sat down the table tiredly, trying to keep his droopy eyes open. Guess moving back took a toll on him as much as the first time.

"You look like a lot of work."

A plate of nicely made pancakes was placed in front of him, accompanied by some freshly squeezed orange juice.

"I'm going with the Yoos again today. Do you want to come?
We'll be bringing along Younggyu."

Daehyun filled his mouth with pancakes. Delightfully, those ingredients weren't just for show. They payed off and it made the whole dish taste pretty amazing, to his accord at least--But he's sure anyone and everyone would love it. His mom's cooking was very commendable.

"Ughh- I'll pass. I've got places I want to visit.
He uneasily raised his head to see his mother's questioning gaze.
He couldn't let her know about his plans. She'll probably go all berserk again and shoot him back to Seoul on the nearest bullet train in the station. And he did not want that.

"Ugh- I'm going to visit the places where I use to hang out at, you know.. The park, the-" A trickle of imaginary sweat made it to existence. He didn't know any other place and he only ever hung out at Youngjae's if not the park. "The- you know.. A detour around the neighborhood? Maybe stuff had changed?"

The woman raised her eye brows and nodded lightly.
"You sure you don't want to come? The Yoos have been dying to reconnect with you."

Daehyun shook his head and finished his breakfast with one last mouthful of pancake.

"I'm sure."


The wind hugged him from behind as he strolled down the old neighborhood.
He couldn't say much about change.
Sure there were newly painted houses, and different arrangements of plants, but they hardly mattered. What he was really looking for were passages. Maybe trails he hadn't knew of before. Because maybe then, he had not thought of treading through a passage that hadn't existed or ones that may've just been too inconspicuous.
It was a complete necessity to note down places. Possible places he may have gone to.

The park was surely off the list.
It didn't hold a forest of sort. The park was a protruding island surrounded by roads. There was no way he could have hidden there. He would've had no where else to hide. If he was hiding.

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