I wake up the next morning and walk to my kitchen. I don't bother changing out of my pajamas, since I'm just going to eat breakfast, so im wearing a tight black tank top and some short gym shorts. I start looking through the cabinets and fridge, and find them all empty except for a tiny bit of milk. I hate grocery shopping, but it looks like that's going to be my plan for today if I plan on eating for the rest of the week. I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth, when I hear a knock on the door. I set down my toothbrush and rinse my mouth before answering the door. When I open the door, I see Peeta. 

"Hey, come on in," I say. He walks in and just looks at me funny. Crap! I'm still in my pajamas! "I was about to go to the grocery store, since I don't have any food. Did you need something?" I ask, unsure of what to say.

"No. Mind if I go with you? I don't have any plans today. That's why I came here," he says.

"Yeah, you can come if you don't mind waiting. I need to get a shower, so give me about 15 minutes," I say.

"Okay. I'll be here," he says pointing at the couch and grabbing the tv remote.

I leave to go take a shower. When I get out, I dress in some dark skinny jeans and my favorite Colton Dixon t-shirt. The background of the shirt is grey and the design and his name are in red. I then slide on some black converse. I put my wallet in my back pocket, and phone in my front pocket. My hair is still wet, so I just do my normal braid down my back. I put on some light, natural looking makeup, just some foundation and mascara, and walk back into the living room to find Peeta laying down on the couch. I walk over to him and see that he has fallen asleep. I know exactly how to wake him up. I walk to the kitchen and grab 2 pots. I stand right over Peeta's head and slam the bottoms of the 2 pots together, making a really loud noise. Peeta jumps up.

"What happened?! I'm up! I'm up!" he yells. I burst out laughing and wobble back to the kitchen to put the pots back. Peeta comes in and says, "What was that for? I could have gone deaf!" He tries to sound serious, but I can see a smile threatening to show on his face.

"You would not have gone deaf! When I got out here, you were sleeping, and I couldn't throw a bucket of water on you because I didn't want to mess up my couch, so there was the perfect solution. You should have seen your face too! Priceless!" I say through my fit of laughter.

"It was not funny," he says, but I can see that he can't contain his laughter much longer.

"It was too! Come on, you wanna laugh too!" I say, still laughing. He finally breaks and starts laughing with me. 

"You know what else is funny?" he says. I give him a confused look, then he comes and throwns me over his shoulder. "Who's laughing now? I am! Ha ha ha," he says while he laughs.

"Peeta! Put me down!" I order while hitting his back with my fists.

"No, I don't think I will. I'm kind of enjoying this," he says and I can hear the smile in his voice.

"Come on Peeta! We have to go to the store! Let me down!" I say, but I'm laughing too.

"Well then come on!" he jokes as he carries me out of my apartment and out to my car.

"Peeta, I don't have my keys!" I say. He keeps walking past my car to his.

"Not a problem. We'll just take my car," he says. He opens the passenger door and plops me down in the seat. He then goes to the driver's side and buckles in. "Now, be a good girl and buckle your seatbelt." I stick my tongue out at him and do as he says. He pulls out of the parking lot and onto the road, and we are at the store in a matter of minutes.

"Okay, so what's first on your list?" Peeta asks me.

"I didn't make a list. I just need to get some food. So, bread, eggs, milk, cereal, butter. That should be all of it. Oh, and popcorn!" I say reading off the mental list in my head.

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