Ch. 37 The Fight

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Alpha Lennox Hall

We're picked up at the airstrip and driven to Alpha Rhys' home. The car pulls up to a large two story home and stops in front. Andrew, Travis, Beta Martin and I get out. One of the men that picked us up for the airstrip motions for us to follow him.
"Alpha Rhys said to bring you in back. We've cleared an area for the match." The taller one says. Judging by his demeanor he and his friend aren't even put on guard by three alpha's coming into their territory. I don't know if he's stupid or has no loyalty or fondness for Alpha Rhys.
I'm not concerned about this fight, there's no way I can be beaten by Rhys, this will end quickly. I notice Rhys as we round the corner of the back of the house he's standing with another man and I instantly recognize him. Wesley Dalton, Wendy's brother. He was kicked out of my pack when he chose to challenge me five years ago and lost. He is older then me by two years, he's big and a quick fighter. However, he always had two weaknesses, arrogance and alcohol. He's not looking too sober, as far as I can tell. As we walk closer I hear Rhys is not at all pleased by his intoxication. This must've been Rhys' plan. Wesley would be fighting me in place of him for the death of his sister. Smart move, if he would've kept his fighter sober.
Rhys and Wesley turn towards us as we walk closer. I look at both men and see that Wesley has been training, he looks strong and menacing. Even intoxicated, Wesley will be a fiercer match then Rhys. However, even standing with his legs braced apart he is swaying slightly. I will not fight a drunken mess like him. "I hope you don't expect me to fight him." I say, looking at Rhys and pointing to Wesley.
"Why? You afraid, Alpha Hall?" Wesley slurs, taking an unsteady step towards me.
"Please, you look like you're about to pass out." Andrew mocks.
"I'm not drunk." Wesley refutes, drunkenly.
"I know that. You're completely wasted." I respond. "Look, I'd rather get this over with soon. Are you ready?" I ask Rhys.
"That's the thing, Alpha Hall. I demand a fight for the killing of my pup and Wesley demands a fight for you killing his sister." Rhys says, smugly.
"I may have killed his sister, but you sent her on a suicide mission. Her blood is on your hands, just as it is mine." I respond, knowingly. Intentionally wanting to get Wesley's attention.
When Rhys doesn't respond I look at Wesley who is shaking his head. "That's not true. He begged her not to go, she wouldn't listen." Wesley says, sounding doubtful of his own words.
"My daughter was the one to tell me of Rhys deception. You can ask her yourself."
"No need. I was there, she told me she was sent to kill Jocelyn Griffin." Beta Martin states, stepping closer to Wesley. "Alpha Rhys convinced your sister that killing Jocelyn was the only way he'd be free to mate with her." He explains.
"In hopes that she would fail. Tell him Rhys, how you thanked me for Wendy and the pups death." I say, seeing Wesley face become hard as he takes in Rhys obvious guilt.
"He's lying." Rhys replies, nervously backing away from a suddenly fierce Wesley.
"No, you're lying. Wendy told me she was going for you, but I didn't understand what she meant. Now, I know she went because you gave her no option. She was pregnant! With your pup and you refused her on a lie! She left in hopes that she'd succeed and that you'd accept her and your pup!" He points out. Getting angrier and angrier with each word.
Wesley doesn't wait for a response. Even I had to look away from the viciousness of the attack. Rhys was dead within seconds, yet the sound of creaking bones continued for minutes longer. After the attack Wesley sat breathing hard and looking at his former Alpha.
"Why didn't you challenge him earlier. Why wasn't he challenged by any of you?" I ask, looking around the oval seeing the other pack members."
One of the men that walked us to the clearing steps forward. "It seemed that anyone that would challenge Rhys would die before they could get to the fight."
"Who was responsible for the killings?"
"Rhys." He replies.
"He didn't act alone." Travis states, pointedly.
The pack members look around themselves, everyone suspicious. "Did anyone help Rhys in the killings? It's understandable if you were ordered to do so."
From the corner of my eye I watch as Wesley stands, looking less drunk then before. "Answer him, now." He demands to the pack. The men step forward with their heads down.
"What did he order you to do?" I question.
"After Theo left I tried replacing him. I set up the killings, making sure there were no witnesses." The man admits, truly ashamed.
"And you?" I ask, the next man.
"Rhys made me his ears. Any talk of a challenge from the members of the pack, I had to tell him."
I nod to the last man, ordering him to state his involvement. "I got rid of the bodies." He mutters quietly.
There's a few murmers and gasps from the crowd. They can't be surprised, everyone had to have known their alpha was deceiving them. A man as unstable as Rhys would be virtually impossible not to notice.
"You have a new alpha, Alpha Dalton." I turn to him. "Unless, you still want your retribution?"
He shakes his head, no. "There was no other option. Rhys made sure she'd get killed. I got my retribution."
"I assume you'll run this pack with more honor then your predecessor? No, sudden deaths before the challenge date?"
"I'm not Rhys." He grumbles.
"I'm sure your pack is happy to hear that." I reply, walking towards him. I see him tense up and watch me wearily. I stop in front of him. "Keep yourself out of the bottle. Your pack needs you." I hold out my hand to him as a gesture of truce. He nods and shakes my hand.
He tilts his head in respect. "Alpha Hall."
I mimic his actions and reply, "Alpha Dalton."
Wesley offers us dinner but I refuse on behalf of us. "No, we have to get back." I reply, already walking back to the vehicle that brought us here.
"Anxious to get back and finish your mating?" Beta Martin asks, knowingly.
I stop beside the van and turn towards him, about to tear him apart for mocking our relationship. Then I see that he's perfectly serious. "What are you taking about?"
"Alpha Thompson informed me he told you a way to secure your mate."
"He didn't tell me anything. Secure her in what way? A pup? We've figured that out already." I say, getting in the car. The man that drove us here gets behind the steering wheel as we pile into the car.
We're all seated when Beta Martin turns in his seat to look at me. "No, not by a pup. By her marking you."
It clicks in my head what he's talking about. "Alpha Thompson told you of this?"
He nods. "He told me and your mate."
"When?" I question. If Jocelyn had found out, did she have time to tell me? If so why is she hesitating? The feelings she felt when I left aren't putting me at ease.
"I don't know. Alpha Thompson told me the day she was attacked. He said he was going to tell you and your mate."
"So, you don't know for certain he told me mate?"
"No, I assumed he had when she came into the office today. Since he told her about the Rhys situation, I'm sure he told her about marking you."
Even if he had told Jocelyn, she didn't have enough time to talk to me about it. The knot in my gut lessens knowing that.

Jocelyn's POV

After asking everyone to leave I think about what I want and can only come up with one answer, Lennox. My heart is his, but I need to convince him that he can talk to me. I want more than his reassurances, I want the truth.
It's getting late but I've made sure to focus on what Lennox is feeling. So far no pain has registered only irritation, frustration and confusion. I decide to pack our things which isn't much for Lennox. I pick up his dirty jeans and boxers and a black box falls to the ground. I look at it briefly before picking it up. Caressing the velvet box I sit on the edge of the bed and debate whether to open it or not.
I can't open it, it might not even be a ring. I set the box next to me on the bed and stand up to pack the rest of our things. Why would he get me a ring now? It's not unusual for couples to give each other rings. It just seems odd, I can't picture Lennox taking the time to look for one.
I finish cleaning my room, not wanting to leave a mess behind and pace the floor. I know I have nothing to be alarmed or nervous about, but I'm itching to get back home and for things to go back to normal.
I hear the door open and spin around quickly as Lennox walks into the room. I turn running to his open arms hugging him tightly.

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