Chapter 1: Taking Flight from Manila To Taipei

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Annyeong! My name was Jung Eunkyo. Well, that was my screen name in Korea. My real name is Maria Christina Kitana Gosiengfiao. I was the newest member of famous Korean girl group Girls’ Generation under the label SM Town Entertainment. Now I’m very popular in Hollywood as a singer, VJ, and actress using my new name Koreen Young. Here’s my story from a simple heiress of Asia’s most successful music label company to Hollywood’s multimedia superstar.

 “You’re going to Seoul for a seminar and at the same time for a vacation,” Dad said.

“What?! Who’s coming with me?” I asked. Dad shook his head.

“But, Dad… I already booked my flight to Taipei.”

“Okay. I’ll give you money to buy a plane ticket to Seoul when you arrived in Taipei.”

Dad gave a signed check worth US$10000 and told me, “Just encash the money I gave you and convert the money to Taiwan Dollar and Korean Won.” I nodded. He continued, “Don’t forget to call me if you already arrived in Taipei and Korea.

Three days after the high school graduation at University of Santo Tomas, I flew to Taipei. I arrived at the airport when a good-looking man suddenly bumped me. “I’m so sorry.” He spoke to me in English. I replied, “It’s alright. May I ask a question?” 

“Okay. What is it?” 

“Where is the taxi cab terminal?”

“Oh… Are you a tourist? Instead of taking a cab, do you want to ride in my car?”


The silver car arrived in front of us. “Let’s go,” he said. I felt nervous. He asked, “What’s the matter? Don’t worry. I’m not a bad guy that you’re thinking. C’mon!” The driver put our own luggage at the car’s back.

We arrived on time. I asked him, “Where are we?” “We are in my house,” he responded.

“What?! A-a-are you living alone there?”

“No. I’m with my mom.”


We entered in his house. He greeted his mom, “Ma, I’m back!” 

“Oh, darling… How’s your vacation trip?”

“It’s good.”

“Oh… You’re with a girl. Is she your girlfriend?”

“Ma… No. She’s my new friend…” There was a sudden silence and he quickly asked, “what’s your name?”

“Hi, Auntie! I’m Maria Christina Kitana Gosiengfiao. It’s my pleasure to meet you,” I introduced myself to his mom.

“What a long name! I simply call you Christina. Would that be okay to you?” 

I nodded. She continued, “Son, you didn’t know her name. Well, anyway, he is my youngest child. His name is Chen Yi Ru. Call him Calvin. That’s his English name. So are you a tourist?”

“Yes. For only 3 days and 2 nights. I’ll be going to Seoul for an important seminar to attend.”

Calvin raised something, “Seminar? For what?” “It’s for my personal happiness. My father said that I will look for this person,” I was holding a note while answering him. He read that note. I asked, “Do you know that person?” 

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