Chapter 2

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1 year old :

You know... When people say, I have been reincarnated in a otome game, it's no longer a game for me , it's true, for it is now their life. Therefore, please don't judge me as weak or say it is just a fiction, for I am facing a Zombie right now cause Daddy dearest wanted to test my ability despite me being only a year old! Seriously does he love me or hate me!

The bloody beast that was standing in front of me is really scary , it's mouth is dropping and I can see behind its eye socket. * gag*

"Da! " I screamed in frustration.

" Now don't give Daddy that look ~ kill it, don't worry even if you fail Daddy will protect you~" He grinned as I mentally faced palm.
I give up in resisting, let me just use the ability I had in my previous life.

I tested whether I still had it or not by placing my palm on the ground.

A cube shape was immediately dug out of the ground and transformed into a spear.

Yup I still have it, my ability I developed when the meteor struck in my past life. It is basically the  manipulation of Molecule. To put it simply, i could change any object for example a tree, into anything I want. I also can close wounds and stuff. I had an OP ability.

I dropped the spear and place it back into the ground. Then I exploded the Zombie into tiny of million pieces by pushing apart its molecules.

"Fantastic my baby ~" Daddy dearest smiled at my accomplishment.

I rolled my eyes, "Azy..." His smile only grew wider.

"Since you should Daddy something fantastic today, daddy will show you something too~" The 18 year old single father smiled as another Zombie come our way. The Zombie suddenly stopped moving and fell limped on the ground.

"Daddy can kill anyone he wants just by thinking about it. "


That was unfair! That is just too op!
" No air! No air! " I cried as Daddy picked me up and cooed.

The otome game never said anything about that. I thought he had to touch someone to kill them, not just by thinking about it!  So then... He was just going easy on the Hero group?!

From then on, I promptly gave up on logic.

Just kidding, I just gave on thinking and let Daddy handle everything.
Daddy is just soo strong. I love Daddy the best.

Author: Ah.. Someone is developing a Daddy complex despite being a parent herself in her previous life.

: Shu-shutup! I don't!

Author: Hey! Who else here agree with me?

:Nobody! Besides who are you talking to?!

Author:Gotta run! I have a list of Homework waiting for me ~

:W-wait! What about your stories?!

Author: Ah... Those have to wait.My dear readers please be patient if I can't update or haven't update in a long while, I am a busy person with tons of homework and test waiting for me. Gome ~!

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