Chapter 17 + Authors Note

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Authors Note:

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Chapter 17

Class has finally started but the only person who isn't present inside the classroom is none other than Sawada Yosh― 


"S-Sorry for being late sensei!" speaking of the devil he made it at school but something is off about him like for example his school uniform is all messed up, he's all sweaty and last but a satisfying least a visible bruised could be seen on his arms and also on his faced.

" Sawada! Why are you late?!" the teacher yelled "gomen.. I saw an old lady passing and she was carrying alot of stuff so I helped her" he lied, the whole girls started swooning about their 'Prince' being 'kind' and 'helpful'.

You could see the look of disgust on Gokudera's face and Yamamoto's smile darkened alittle while our little Tuna fished just smiled but behind those innocent smile promised something painful.

Class resumed and there's only a few students who are listening and the rest of them are minding their own business, Tsuna is one of them too. 



'Finally! Breaktime!' Tsuna and his friends thought as they all went to the rooftop and just as they expected the prefect was there sleeping Tsuna chuckled and signaled his friends to start eating and gladly complied to it. He went near his lover and started stroking his hair, he smiled but that was only for a second. 

His innocent smile turned into a evil one. He pulled his bag and brought out an airhorn, he distance himself alitte and pushed the button of the airhorn letting a loud sound waking Hibari up. He glared at the brunet who is laughing so hard, once Tsuna could feel the murderous aura he kissed his lover on the cheek to lessen the thick aura around him.

The prefect only let out an annoyed sigh as he pick his lover up and drag him to his friends who are trying to hold their own laughter.

But unknown to them a little figure is hiding behind the trees smirking at them but to the figures surprise the brunet saw him and that widen his smirk more.

Time flew fast and it's already time to head home... Tsuna,  Hayato,  Yamamoto and Hibari headed to a small café to spend their remaining time. They talk about random stuff and quite surprised that Hibari himself answered a few questions from them and not minding the crowding for once.

All of them bid their farewell and headed home— "tadaima~" Tsuna greet "okairi nasai Tsu-kun" his mother greeted from the kitchen.  Tsuna went upstairs to change but stopped when he heard a familiar obnoxious laugh "gyahahahahaha!  I,  Bobino Lambo is here to kill Reborn! " the broccoli head boy said.

"Gyaa?!  Reborn!  Do you that brat? " his younger brother yelled but only received another explosion from a certain sadist.  "Focus on your work baka-hiro! " and with that the discussion between them— "Die Reborn! " and with that a purple grenade could be seen flying towards the direction of Yoshiro and Reborn,  but to bad Reborn kicked the grenade and sat back on his sit like nothing happened.


Thanks to Tsuna's good reflexes he jump out of his bedroom window and catch the fallen kid—"daijobu bambino? " Tsuna asked and the kid only stare at Tsuna "Onii-san looks like an angel" he said,  Tsuna merely smiled remembering the same thing from his past life. "Is that so?  Then Angel-san will protect you until my very own last breath" Tsuna said smiling,  Lambo only blushed and laugh his signature laugh.

"What's your name onii-san? " he asked
"My name is Tsunayoshi but you can call me Tsuna-nii" he replied still smiling.

'Storm, Rain, Cloud and Lightning complete' he thought and the only thing he he could do is to find the rest of his guardians.

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