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Monsters we've never known

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Hey yall! I haven't been on in a while again... Life is so mean like that you know? Anyway this chapter is going to consist just of the winx in the woods! So sorry to those here for flora! She will be in the spotlight next chapter!

-out in the woods-

As our group of heroes walk along the forest seems to get darker and thicker, with every step a little more sunlight left their eyes. Stella practically clings to Brandon as she avoids touching any plant within two feet of her.

"What is up with this place? Its like... Sucking up all the sunlight!" She whimpers, hiding against her boyfriend.

"The denser the canopy gets the less percentage of sunlight is able to break through to the surface." Techna comments from the front of the group, messing with her mini computer thing.

"Thanks..." Stella mutters and squeals as she steps in something yucky and squishy. "eww eew eww eww ewww!" She shakes her food around before frowning. "what is this stuff..."

Bloom circles back to Stellas side and squats to study the thick clear looking liquid sticking to the soil. "it looks like... Saliva?" She comments, confused. At that moment Lyla gulps and points up.

"U-uhhh... G-guys? The plants are alive..." Everyone looks up and everyone goes rigid as they spot the weird plants above. There are about six huge flower looking things, only the petal edges are razor sharp teeth, all pointed down at the group. Saliva drips from these large mouths to the ground with a large splat.

"back up... Slowly..." Musa says softly and the whole group starts to slowly make their way away from the flowers. Stella of course steps back on a twig and it snaps loudly, making her scream, Brandon immediately clapping his hand over her mouth. Her scream seems to echo for a moment and nothing happens.

"Phew..." Bloom says softly, relaxing only to scream as a vine suddenly wraps around her ankle and snatches her into the air. The carnivorous plants above come to life, letting out high pitch screechy screams, causing everyone to yelp and cover their ears, the sound like nails on a chalkboard directly in their ears. The vine slowly pulls Bloom up towards one of the flowers, as she kicks at it, bucking and squirming. Sky snarls and jumps up, easily cutting through the vine with his sword and catches the falling bloom.

"T-thanks Sky..." She says softly and he smirks.

"No problem."

She nods and looks to the girls. "Winx time!"

-insert the different winx transformations here-

Soon all the girls are fluttering beside the guys, at the ready, the plants now having surrounded them, screaming and swaying.

"Now!" Bloom shouts, and shoots a fireball at one plant just as the plants all shoot out vines at the group. Soon the air is filled with the sound of fighting and yelling, the girls using their powers to shoot at the plants while the guys held their back and cut through vines that tries to swipe the fairies from the air.

"Sunlight lance!" Stella shouts, a beam of light shooting from her hands and cutting straight through one of the plants, making it scream and slowly shrivel up, falling to the ground. "Yes!" She shouts and grins only to scream as she is grabbed by four vines and dragged towards one of the other flowers. Brandon jumps up to try and cut her free as Bloom shouts something about fire spiral, a flame spiral leaving her and burning through the flower entirely, leaving the ends of the vines holding Stella burnt. Brandon and Stella stare at Bloom and she smiles shyly.

"What? I'm not letting these plants take my friends."

the two nod and turn to rejoin the fight only to see the other flowers are either dead or have retreated up into the canopy. Techna is over musa, bandaging a wound on the girls arm.

"there. Better?" She says and Musa nods.

"Yes thank you." Layla walks up then and frowns, panting, her outfit a bit muddy from being smacked into the ground.

"what were those things?"

"Plantius Carnicus Flaticas." Techna immediately answers like its nothing and everyone except Timmy just stare at her. Timmy chuckles and shakes his head.

"Large carnivorous flowers... Basically... They probably have a name but only Flora would know..." He says and pauses as the group quiets at the mention of their friend.

"This forest has monsters we have never known." Bloom says softly. "but we cannot let that stop us from saving Flora. She is our friend and this is her home planet. It may not welcome us but we need to push through. Now lets go save our friend!" She shouts and everyone cheers.

The group moves on, pushing through the dark undergrowth as night starts to fall, the first getting darker. Little did they know, someone was watching them from within the bushes, and someone who moves to follow after them.

Thats the chapter! I was able to write this on my bus so maybe I will be able to write more today! Hope yall like it! 

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