Type A!

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"Do I really have to wear this" I sigh giving Natsu a look of annoyance. He gives a smirk back as I pull the tight 'police' pants up. Today's mission is to talk to Natsu's mother, Allison. I agreed to helping Natsu and I don't think my mind will change so if I have to do this then so be it. I whip my head back around taking a long look in the full length mirror. This police outfit is super tight and uncomfortable, there was a size bigger but Natsu being the perv he is made me wear this one.

"Here is your police badge" I snatch the badge from his hands taking a close look at this.

"This is real?" I question, how on earth did he get his troublesome hands on this.

"Gray got it since his girlfriend's sister is a cop" I wonder what this Gray is like.

"Gray, I think I've heard that before"

"Yea he goes school with you" Thats right, Gray Fullbuster. He is the most popular guy in school, plus on the side he is a street artist, his work is amazing.

"I remember him now" I smile stuffing the badge in my pocket.

"Well he is accompanying you today" As if right on cue a knock is heard on the door.

"Hey Natsu, Gray is here" a voice I recognize as Lisanna's yells.

"I'll be back Luce" I nod in response. While I wait I go through the mission in my mind, pretend to be a cop and question Allison, ask about the night her husband died and about the relationship between father and son, remember Lucy to ask about the clothing of her husband. That way we'll see if she slips out about gloves.

"Hey Lucy" I turn my head to find a raven haired boy standing with an award expression, well usually you and a fellow student don't go on missions to help a criminal so I guess I understand.

"Gray, hi"

"Geez you guys lighten up were all friends here" Natsu cheered.

"Your right now Natsu I need a gun" I demanded, even though I want to help Natsu he hasn't earned my full trust which means I need to be able to protect myself.


"For protection, you can give Gray one if I do anything stupid" I reply with the same demanding voice.

"Alright but I'm only giving you one bullet" He passes me a pistol, I graze my fingers across the metal, I've never held a gun before so this is definitely a first. It feels weird but at the same time, I can't help but feel more protected and powerful.

"So the plan is simple" Natsu began explaining.


"Is this the Dragneel Residence?" I asked firmly as the front door of the mansion was opened. It revealed a lady, with gorgeous brown hair, it flowed down her back, her eyes were blue but small, it was obvious she wasn't a 20 year old girl but she still looked younger then 48 which was what Natsu told us.

"Yes why are you here?" Her eyes squinted in curiosity.

"We are here to ask you some questions about your son and husband" Gray explained.

"Miss Heartfillia is that you?" Natsu's mother examined me, I thought she might recognize me from my childhood.

"Yes" I smiled nervously.

"Aren't you underage for a job" She questioned.

"She is just tagging along for the day, to get a feel of the job" Gray came up with an excuse.

"Yeah I would love to be a police officer" I smiled.

"Ok well what do you want to know?" She asked as she guided us through the front door. Once we arrived in her living room she fetched us some water and we took a seat.

"Just a few questions that need to be renewed from your last statement" Gray said, he really pulls off the cop part well.

"Well ask away" Allison smiles, somethings off, she looks nothing like Natsu. Her eyes, her hair, her face shape, everything about her is completely different from Natsu.

"Where did you find your husbands body?" Gray questions.

"Outside on my porch steps, thats where Ian was" her voice dropped as she said his name.

"Ok and what was he wearing?" I asked trying to sound formal, she looked skeptical for a moment before answering.

"Runners, tracksuits, a big black jumper, a watch, a wedding ring..."

"There was no ring found on the victims body" Gray firmly stated.

"Oh well my memory is quite hazy" Allison laughed awkwardly.

"He also had a beanie and glo..." She cut herself off mid word but I knew she was about to say glove.

"Ok well we are going to have a search warrant take place" Gray explained, this wasn't part of the plan.

"Lucy why don't you ask some more questions while I investigate the house" Gray looked at me signaling me to play along.

"Why do you need to search my house, it's already been searched?" Allison asked.

"Some more substantial evidence is needed at the moment" Gray calmed her down and headed up stairs. I already knew he was searching for some gloves. I turned back and gazed at the mother, something was off. She looks nothing like Natsu.

"Would you mind if I see a photo of your husband?" I asked. She handed me a small photograph of a man with blonde hair and big green eyes. Now I know something is wrong.

"I'm sorry for your loss" I faked a sincere smile.

"It's not your fault dear" She spoke.

"If you would like a blood drive is going to be run next week" I changed the subject coming up with a plan.

"It would be great if you could donate some blood" I encouraged.

"Of course"

"I just need to know your blood type" I explained grabbing a not pad from my pocket.

"Type A" She smiled. 

"Ok well I will make sure to get you an application form, it should be delivered soon" I smiled. Gray came walking down the stairs.

"Well there is nothing wrong so we are going to take our leave" He smiled grabbing my arm and pulling me through the house.

"Ok well tell me if anything new happens" Allison called out as we left the house.

"I found some gloves" Gray said as he opened his bag. There were many gloves inside the bag, it would take a while to find the right one but we would try.

"Lets call Natsu" Gray smiled.

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