Mind Made Up!

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I feel the soft silk sheets graze my skin as I toss and turn in the bed. Many things are going through my mind and they all are focused on a certain pink haired man sleeping on the floor right now, I was able to make him sleep there. I have my ways ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

My head hits the pillow for the millionth time, What have I gotten myself into. I need to escape reality right now. This boy has influenced me in way too many ways. He makes me laugh and smile, he makes me frown and nearly cry at times, he even makes me angry and nervous not to mention embarrassed, the list could go on but get this .... IT'S ONLY BEEN A DAY! 

'Ice Ice Baby' My body jolts up to the sound of a grooving old song. Is this Natsu's alarm. I take a gander at the pink haired man sleeping peacefully. I guess it's not an alarm I mean it distinctly isn't working. I lay my head down back on the pillow wishing the song would stop playing but like usual life is against me as the song continues to play brining discomfort to my ears.

The ruffle of my sheets are heard as I make my way out of the bed. My ears lead my feet to the source of the music. I shiver as my feet hit an unsettling cold surface, the kitchen floor. I make my way to one side of the kitchen. Eventually my body slumps on the counter picking up the buzzing phone. Well this must be Natsu's phone since mine is smashed.

'Gray Fullbuster' I slide the green option to answer the call.


"hn" I hum trying to sound just like him.

"I got some new info"

___________________ I don't reply hoping he'll keep going.

"Juvia snuck a look at a police file and saw one word written in bold letters. GLOVE"

What could that mean? I listen as Gray babbles on but my mind is elsewhere. What could a glove have to do with Natsu. 

"Well hope this helped, and by the way Lisanna told me about Lucy. I trust you to not get her into trouble"

"Bye flamebrain" The call ends leaving me with unheard information. Technically I heard it but it went one ear and out the other.

"Your a sneaky one" I quickly jump and turn around only to come face to face with abs. I quickly tilt my head up trying to hide the hint of pink on my cheeks.

"I'm sorry, it's just I was curious" I stare to the floor disappointed of my actions like a slave is to there master. I feel his glares starring daggers into me.

"Luce" he sighs before taking a deep breath.

"I'm sorry" the words I didn't think I would ever hear just floated to my ear through the lips of Natsu. My eyes reach contact with his, he clearly is reading my confusion.

"I'm sorry your involved in my messed up life" He takes a seat on a red leather stool.

"We all have problems you know" I glide to the chair opposite of him and take a seat only to be served to onyx eyes starring into mine.

"My mother died when I was only 7" I feel the tears tempting to fall. The emotion I always hold in. I have no one to express my emotion with. My father is always out doing his business in the Heartfillia company. The only form of communication I have with him is the notes he leaves every morning on the fridge. He gives me a sign that he cares at least. Usually something like 'have a good day' is written with a small heart. I always leave him one once I make him dinner. I guess I won't be receiving or writing any notes for a while though.

"I'm sorry Lucy" I've heard that a lot. From Levy, from the local restaurant workers and of course family. 

"It's not your fault" I sigh letting something wet slip from my eye, a tear.

Almost immediently I feel something warm brush against the tear. Natsu wipes underneath my puffy red eye.

"Don't cry" Natsu's voice chimes in my head like a song. I've never felt like this before around anyone. I don't know if thats a good thing yet, the tingly feelings that lurks deep in my heart dominates all other sensations when I am around him. 

"I'll help you" I say in a quiet voice with a sniffle, thats when I realized I had been crying this whole time. 

"I'll help you Natsu" I stand up showing my confidence, he isn't stopping me now.

"Luce I..."

"Don't say anything, I don't know why I am doing this but I am not going to stop myself from doing it" I cut him off, he isn't changing my decision now. My mind can't be persuaded.

"I'm going to bed" I walk away feeling the corner of my mouth tilt up a small bit. I am going to help Natsu, I don't care about the consequences. No one deserves to be framed for something they didn't do so I am going to help him even if it means I'm giving up my family and friends for a while. I still have to figure out why Natsu makes me feel so everywhere and what better way to do this then sticking around him.

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