Chapter 1

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-Year 2017

Without warning, an obsidian meteor  struck earth without any warning, causing the death of more than 2 billion life's. Turning them into mindless Monsters, Zombies.

For those 5 billion who survived, they had to run for their life . Hiding and running became the norm for the powerless . The Zombie outbreak had cause billions to perish within the span of a week. The government could not control the outbreak and decided to quarantine the outside world from the capital of their glorious city, which till today, remained standing due to the government efforts to protect it .

Within the remaining few billion who survived that month, some managed to develope abilities within them that the meteor collision manifested. Controlling them was not too hard- it became a part of them after all.
Those people are called-


"Wah! " A newborn cried for the first time in her 3rd life. Her mother who finally saw her for the first time, cried as she reached out to hold her child.


But was killed before she had a chance to.

The man who cold-bloodedly killed the woman, took the child in his arms and cooed at her.

"Hey there little girl ~ Daddy will take care of you. "
The child, obviously frightened, knew what was going on around her, but played naive.

" Uo~" She pushed herself to coe back at him to the man's delight.

"Ara? Who is a good girl! " He lifted her up while looking at her topaz eyes, which he just notice for the first time.  " Yay! You have daddie's eye ~" He sang in delight.

Unknown to him, this was the girl's thought, 'I can't believe I was born to a Psychopathic character . '

Yup the girl knew him, he was one of the Villian in this anime. He is Ruin, one of the top leaders of the Organisation which is planning on killing all the normal humans and leaving only the ones with ability, making this world only for ability type.

But she doesn't hate the man, he was abuse as a child, turning him insane and suddenly receiving power made him so happy. For the first time he had a purpose and was accepted. The next thing that made him happy was her . 'Ya me. Really... Don't give me that look.' Anyway, his daughter that was born made him on clouds nine. He didn't actually wanted to have a daughter, 'more like I was an accident, if you get what I mean. But besides those facts... He is handsome. I mean look at those abs and that slender body. Not to mention that beautiful insane topaz eye that match with his fluffy white hair.'

Ahem... Basically he is was her favourite character.

"Ah! " Ruin cooed once again, this time with a higher pitch, snapping her out of her day dream,  he lifted a baby bottle with light purple milk in it and fed it to her.

She didn't know what was in it but it tasted heavenly. It was like a dish from a top class restaurant except that it was in milk form.

Sucks suck

'Hey don't judge.'

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